October 25th, 2016

The Dadbod Challenge aims to celebrate the male body in its various forms and imperfections—all in the name of a good cause.

Show Your #Dadbod
For better or for worse, dads’ bodies—with all their lovehandles, all their blemishes—are the vessels through which we live our busy lives. As much as these bodies have changed over the years, they’re still ours, still us. And they still can help us accomplish incredible things, such as raising awareness and money for an important cause.
This is what The #Dadbod Challenge is all about—a challenge to celebrate our imperfections by sharing pictures of our bodies in all of their glory and to support the Movember Foundation, the only global charity focused solely on men’s health.

What is the #Dadbod Challenge?

The #Dadbod Challenge is a campaign in which any dad can participate. Inspired by travel selfies, the Challenge aims to celebrate the male body in all of its forms and imperfections—sort of a self-deprecating mashup between Alicia Keys’ current campaign to embrace her make-up free self and the Ice-Bucket Challenge from 2014.
The rules of engagement are simple:
  1. Don a Speedo or another outfit that shows off your dad bod
  2. Snap a pic (it can be a selfie or you can have someone else take it)
  3. Share the pic on social media with the #dadbod hashtag
  4. Tag other people whom you challenge to do the same
  5. Donate to the Movember Foundation
While the pictures themselves will help spread the message, the donation part is the most important step on this list. The Movember Foundation advocates for research into issues impacting men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. And since 2003, the Movember community has raised more than $710 million and has funded more than 1,200 men’s health projects in 21 countries. This work is helping men live happier, healthier, and longer lives. It’s important stuff.

The Timetable 

The #Dadbod Challenge starts Oct. 27. Much like Movember, it runs the throughout the month of November. During that time, there’s no limit to the number of pictures you can share (or the amount of money you can donate). To see sample images, click through to the DadBod MoSpace page, or search Twitter and Instagram for the #dadbod hashtag.

The Goals

The goals of The #Dadbod Challenge are no different from the goal of Movember as a whole: To spark conversations and raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health. By sharing pictures of our imperfect selves, we’re simply broadening those conversations and raising awareness in new (and admittedly sometimes snarf-inducing) ways.

The Creators

#Dadbod was developed by Matt Villano, a freelance writer and father of three; Kim Carroll, a photographer and father of two; and Josie Gay, a marketing guru (and Carroll’s wife). All three are good friends. All three live in the tiny town of Healdsburg, California.

The Events

As momentum behind #Dadbod accelerates, look for group photo opportunities across the country. The only thing better than one dad celebrating his body is a group of dads doing the same!

The Images

If you’re interested in participating (just say yes!), be creative. Launch images represent the best outtakes from five different photo shoots around the San Francisco Bay Area over the course of a few weeks earlier this year. Each of the images is designed to capture a different vibe. Each is designed to inspire fellow Mo Bro dads to snap pix of their own. One of the images is above. For more, check the MoSpace page or search Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag, #dadbod.
The bottom line: Just do it! Don’t get bogged down in what to wear or what kind of picture to snap. Anything you do to celebrate your #dadbod and get others talking about men’s health is going to be worthwhile. And remember, anything you can donate to the Movember Foundation is even better.