March 28th, 2016

Mo Bro Ben Bowers checked his nuts in time to beat testicular cancer twice

Ben knew his nuts and saved his life
Mo Bro Ben Bowers shares how he tackled testicular cancer twice and thanks to taking action early, is now able to watch his daughter grow up. Read his story on the importance of Know Thy Nuts:

"I was just 26, fit and very active when I discovered I had a lump on one of my testicles. I went to the doctor and tests quickly showed that it was indeed cancer. It was caught early because I took action immediately.  I went through surgery to remove the testicle but did not require any further treatment at that state.  Everyone thought I was out of danger.

Unfortunately, within just three years of being given the all-clear, I discovered I had another cancer on my remaining testicle and that too had to be removed. This time however I did require further treatment and underwent an intensive regime of chemotherapy over four months.

Cancer is a hell of a word. When they break it to you, it feels like your world is falling apart. To be told you have this life-threatening illness is a big shock. I’m encouraging everyone to get to know your nuts and raise awareness about testicular cancer, because with early detection, we can save lives." 

Currently, as many as 1 in 20 men who have testicular cancer still die from the disease. We’re working to prevent this and specifically help guys like Ben by funding global projects to better understand the biology of testicular cancer and why some men with testicular cancer relapse after treatment while some are cured. The Movember Foundation is perfectly placed to help men by connecting researchers across the globe to better understand the problem of recurring testicular cancer. Read more on the testicular cancer programs we’re funding here