December 1st, 2015

Why I Mo for Mental Health

Mo Bro Spotlight: Brian Johnson
In his prime, my father was a successful businessman. He was an entrepreneur, and had owned and operated two companies at different points in his life, but his bipolar illness - which was diagnosed when he was much younger - became a frequent problem as the intensity increased. Although we tried desperately, there was nothing anyone could do to alter its course. It slowly took over his ability to lead a normal life. He has now lost everything. I have seen firsthand the lack of adequate support and continuity provided by the mental health entities in Colorado.  As a nation we need to create systems of support and care that can effectively help those with mental illness. 
In the last year, because of mental illness, specifically bi-polar disorder and the mania that accompanies it:
  • I have watched my father go to jail twice
  • I have watched my father go to mental institutions twice
  • I have had to manage my father's company in addition to my full time job 
  • I had to sell his home and move his belongings to a storage unit
  • I had to defend his company from a lawsuit
  • I have filed a lawsuit against a company trying to take advantage of him
  • I have gained Guardianship over my father
  • I have gained Conservatorship over my father
  • I have applied for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits for my father
  • I have had my father staying in my home until he can find a new place to live

All of this because our current systems fail to effectively help those with mental illness.

Please support me and donate to the Movember Foundation and its mental health programs to raise awareness for mental illness and how it affects people every day. 

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Brian Johnson