November 23rd, 2015

Artist and Mo Sista Allison Kunath explores the idea of social connectedness as a pillar of men's health

Artist Spotlight: Mo Sista Allison Kunath of Grit Collective
A major theme in the Movember Foundation’s approach to men’s mental health is the concept of social connectedness – the idea that strong friendships are cathartic for a man and are important to maintain a balance in life when signs of stress, anxiety, and depression creep up on a guy.  This year, Movember had a chance to work with Grit Collective and one of their incredible artists, Mo Sista Allison Kunath to bring the idea of connectedness to life through the medium of art.

Here is what Allison had to say about the inspiration behind the piece:
“One of the most important themes of my work, and my life, is connection. Vulnerable, potent, honest connection. The kind that is nourishing, healing, inspiring, motivating, energizing, and sometimes, even terrifying.
There’s perhaps nothing more valuable in my life than these moments. As I watch the men in my life grow into even better versions of themselves, the ones that are actively sharpening their ability to connect are the ones that I see really thriving. We’ve all been conditioned to be 'strong,' and maintain an appearance of having it all together. And surely, men feel this pressure doubly so. The negative side effects of repressed emotion and experience is measurable.
The vision for this piece is that it speaks to the importance of being truly seen by another, and genuinely connecting in meaningful ways. It’s also a chance to bring in a female form as a nod to the Mo Sistas of the Movember Foundation.”

Grit Collective’s Justin Hill on the collaboration between Movember, Allison, and Grit:
“Grit Collective is an art agency focused on creating unique collaborations between brands and the artists that we represent. Connecting one of our Grit Artists, Allison Kunath, with Movember was a no brainer for us; her deep connection to her art undoubtedly would create a poignant, meaningful piece to help Movember spread awareness while also creating an opportunity to raise some funds for the charity. Grit Collective is looking forward to curating more projects in conjunction with Movember to continue to help their team fight the good fight.”
The Movember Foundation cannot thank Allison and the crew at Grit Collective enough for their support and connection to men’s health.  If interested in purchasing the original canvas painting, please go to the Grit Collective Shop. For more information on Grit Collective, please check out Grit Collective’s website. You can also check out their work on Instagram (Allison Kunath - @allisonkunath, Grit Collective - @gritcollective).