October 26th, 2015

Check out the ways to multiply the money you’ve raised through the magic touch of our amazing partners

Make Your Donation Go Further
Raising money for your Mo is great, but do you know what’s even better? Raising Mo money for men’s health!
Our 2015 partners have made it super easy to take your fundraising to the next level and have your gifts go even further: they’ll match the money you’ve raised if you’re in their network. Plus, you can have an automatic $25 added to your donations by using Visa Checkout, or even rake in some extra money for the Foundation by snapping and tagging a picture.

Does it all sound too good to be true? We’ve got the whole breakdown below.

Visa Checkout

Donate using Visa Checkout and your gift will be matched up to $25 dollars. It's free money! 
All you have to do do:
  • Either login or sign up at checkout.visa.com, add your credit card details and then you can easily pay for things online by selecting the Visa Checkout button.
  • When donating to a Mo Bro or Mo Sista, or visiting the general donation page at us.movember.com/donate, please select Visa Checkout as the payment option and follow the simple steps. 
  • Visa will match one donation per donor (up to $25) and up to $1M total to the Movember Foundation. Offer good through December 6, 2015.


Join their Mo’s and Motos network and the fundraising efforts of everyone in their network will be matched to the Foundation.
All you have to do:
  • Log in to your Mo Space and click the “Networks” tab. Find the Progressive network and click “join this network.”
  • Progressive will match the collective fundraising efforts of the network, up to $40,000. It’s just that easy to raise more money for men’s health, and you can see the results on your success on the page of Flo, The Progressive Girl.
Need to get trimmed up for the main event?
  • Progressive is hosting four “Flo’s Chop Shop” events where $10 from every haircut or shave will go to the Movember Foundation. Learn more in our featured events section


  • Have you restocked your condiments lately? Bottles of French’s classic mustard and ketchup are sporting stylish Movember moustaches, and $0.10 from every bottle sold comes back to the Movember Foundation. Go to your nearest grocery store and see for yourself.
  • Snap a picture of the precious moments you’re now sharing with your new French’s ketchup and mustard bottles—yes, they were made that stylish and camera-ready for a reason—and upload it to Twitter or Instagram.
    • Use the hashtags #Movember and #FrenchsMoustache and French’s will donate $1 to the Movember Foundation for every picture posted, up to $25,000. 

Corporate Gift Matching

  • Ask donors if their employer (or ask if your own employer) will gift match the amount of their donation to Movember. Many companies encourage charitable giving among their employees by doubling or tripling a donation through gift matching programs.
  • Movember has helped many companies set up their gift matching programs. If your employer isn’t already in our searchable database of gift-matchers, contact your HR team. If your employer needs us to fill out a form or verify your donation contact us at giftmatching.us@movember.com.​
  • If your company isn’t matching, but would like to donate funds to your Mo-growing cause, they can still make a donation! All it takes to make a company donation is to fill in the fields for Donor First and Last Name with the name of the business (just ensure that both fields are filled). Your company will receive a tax receipt issued in that name. For additional information regarding matching gifts company-wide, please email giftmatching.us@movember.com​.

And to think, this whole time you were just going to donate the old-fashioned way. Get out there and make those donations go further!

If you’ve got any questions, Mo HQ is here to help! Contact us and we’re happy to walk you through this process and simplify things for you. info.us@movember.com or (310) 450-3399.