November 4th, 2015

How to donate to Movember and double your impact through gift matching 

Ways to Donate
The 30 days of growth may have come to an end, but the power of the moustache resonates much longer than the hairy month. Your hairy efforts are making some serious change in the world of men’s health-- make sure your donations all end up in the right place! 

With four areas of focus: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity, every donation to the Movember Foundation makes a difference. Check out all the ways to donate:

Sending in Cash or Check Donations

Friends and family can donate to your Movember efforts in three ways:
  1. The easiest way for donors to support your efforts to change the face of men’s health is to donate directly to your Mo Space using a credit card. They can search for your name or your team and make a secure, online donation.
  2. Donors who opt for the old school route can mail in a check made out to ‘Movember.’ Don’t forget to include your member ID number or team name in the memo line. You can find your official Movember ID number in the ‘Your Campaign Info’ section on the right column of your Mo Space page. Mail checks to:

                PO Box 1595
                Culver City, CA 90232
  3. Some of your friends may want you to do all the work and just give you cash (or a check) directly. Please do not send cash in the mail! Here’s how to do it:
When donors do not need a receipt: Collect and add up all cash and check donations you’ve received and pay the lump sum with an online credit card donation directly from the Submit Cash Donations section of your Mo Space.

You can also download, complete, and mail in a donation form with any checks or money orders. Whenever you mail something in, make sure to reference your Member ID number so donations go to your fundraising total.

PO Box 1595
Culver City, CA 90232

When donors need a receipt: Be sure to fill out a separate donation form, found in the right column of your Mo Space page, for each person’s donation. And then – you know the drill – submit each separate donation form directly from your Mo Space or download, complete, and mail-in each donation form with any checks or money orders to:

PO Box 1595
Culver City, CA 90232​

Double Your Donation with Corporate Gift Matching

Ask donors if their employer (or ask if your own employer) will gift match the amount of their donation to Movember. Many companies encourage charitable giving among their employees by doubling or tripling a donation through gift matching programs.

Movember has helped many companies set up their gift matching programs. If your employer isn’t already in our searchable database of gift-matchers, contact your HR team. If your employer needs us to fill out a form or verify your donation contact us at​

If your company isn’t matching, but would like to donate funds to your Mo-growing cause, they can still make a donation! All it takes to make a company donation is to fill in the fields for Donor First and Last Name with the name of the business (just ensure that both fields are filled). Your company will receive a tax receipt issued in that name. For additional information regarding matching gifts company-wide, please e-mail​.

Thank Your Donors!

You've managed to get friends, family, coworkers and allies behind your men's health efforts, helping you towards your goal. Don't forget to take some time to let everyone know just how much it means to you that they pitched in some moolah-- no matter how large or small the amount!

If you haven't already scoped out the "Downloads" page of your Mo Space, head over there to find a variety of different customizable and downloadable templates. There's a Thank You Poster you can personalize with your own text and a photo from your profile, and lots of other ideas to reemphasize the impact your donors have made and what the money goes to.

Don't hesitate to make a few phone calls, social media shout-outs, personal emails, or whatever would be most meaningful to you to express gratitude to your donors. And if you've been growing all month long, throw in a final snapshot of you and your Mo, partners 'til the end (of the month, at least). 

If you’ve got any questions, Mo HQ is here to help! Contact us and we’re happy to walk you through this process and simplify things for you. or (310) 450-3399.