A man sits on his motorcycle with a female passenger seated behind him
Mo Bro Roy LoveImage by: Roy Love
A man sits on his motorcycle with a female passenger seated behind him
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9 November 2022

Ride the Americas for Men’s Health

Roy Love
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This year I have pledged to support Movember’s efforts to improve men's mental health and suicide prevention and lead the fight against prostate and testicular cancer. I have followed this global movement to help men live happier, healthier, longer lives since I became aware of it five years ago. Before that, as a Naval Officer, I supported the men and women entrusted under my care by the U.S. Navy. I don't do this solely as a labor of love but because I see it as an obligation. We live to serve a more significant cause than ourselves.

Men need help too. I served on active duty in the US Navy for over 29 years. I also spent four years at a Merchant Marine Academy ROTC unit. In my 34 years in uniform, from the time I enlisted in 1988 through college, 16 years at sea, and my tours as Captain of a Ship, a Training Squadron, and the largest Naval base on the West Coast, I saw too many suicides and suicide attempts among our troops. As a Commanding Officer, I responded directly to suicide attempts and suicide ideations among my troops. Our men and women in Service struggle with the pressure of serving their country, difficult times in combat zones, and the stressors of deployments, family life, and sometimes financial insecurity. When I was in uniform, I did what I could to serve the men and women of the Navy.

While I never lost one of the sailors under my charge to suicide, I did work with many fellow Captains who did. The impact on the crew and the families cannot be fully expressed in words. While in the Navy, I did everything possible to serve the men and women under my charge. Suicide rates among active-duty military members are at an all-time high since record-keeping began after 9/11 and have increased alarmingly steadily over the past five years. Some branches of the Armed Forces are experiencing the highest rate of suicides since before World War II, according to the United Service Organizations. Furthermore, veteran suicide rates are at the highest level in recorded history, with annual deaths by suicide at over 6,000 veterans per year.

" We must do something to make this right. "

Having retired, I want to continue supporting and caring for those who take care of us, guaranteeing our freedom through the personal sacrifices demanded by a life of service in the military.

Globally, the rate of suicide is alarmingly high, particularly in men. Too many men are toughing it out, keeping their feelings to themselves and struggling in silence. Movember aims to stop men from dying too young, and I want to help them get there. Help me change the face of men's health, and help me support our Service members, first responders, and Veterans through the gift of your time and donations to sustain life through love.

In January 2023, I will be joined by an Army Veteran and a Retired Police Officer on a nearly 20,000-mile ride from the United States to Chile and Argentina, then back, where we will engage with our brothers and sisters across the American Continent as we Ride America for Unity, Health, and Life(RAUHL). You can follow along and donate at my Mo Space page.