3 friends lounge on a large leather cough in the middle of a golf course surrounded by mountains
Make the most out of your hairy day on the links.Image by: Group Golf Therapy
3 friends lounge on a large leather cough in the middle of a golf course surrounded by mountains
7 December 2023

Group Golf Therapy on how to host a Movember golf tournament

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Content creator and co-host of the podcast Group Golf Therapy, Bradford Wilson, once told us that “golf is just the excuse that men use to go on a walk with each other and have a conversation.” There’s nothing quite like a round of golf with a few friends, is there? The perfect excuse to connect, get outside, and when it comes to men’s health – turn your day on the course into a golf tournament in support of Movember.

The guys at Group Golf Therapy hosted their very own Movember golf tournament and have some tips to help those who want to follow the green path.

Bradford’s top tip: Hit up your friends

When it comes to hosting a golf tournament, look no further than your network for help to get things in motion. If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’ve got friends and family a text or call away, who are in your corner, and willing to support your goals for your event. You don’t need to stress or worry about every little detail when you can articulate your needs, and the people around you care about your cause. Create small deadlines and goals for yourself, and lean on those relationships you’ve been building to help get your golf tournament to the first tee.

Connor’s top tip: Visualize the big day

Before hammering in the details of your golf event, I think it’s important to really envision how you want the day to go, and what the players’ experience will be: is this a no-nonsense, count-every-shot kind of tournament? Or, a drinks-flowing carnival of debauchery? Something in between? Keeping that North Star vision in mind will help dictate every subsequent choice you make in setting up the tournament, from player gifts and prizes, to how you brand your event online with copy and imagery.

Host your own Movember golf tournament

Hosting a golf tournament is a sure-fire way to have some fun and do some good in the name of men’s health. By selecting the right course and playing style, incorporating innovative ways to fundraise, and celebrating after the tournament, you can make the most out of your hairy day on the links. Here’s how to register your Movember golf tournament:

  1. Visit the Mo Masters Golf Series on movember.com
  2. Click on Host a Tournament
  3. Set up your event details
  4. Once set up, register your team in the Mo Masters Golf Series

Keep the power of the Mo going year-round, sign up to host a tournament today.