A man sits in a barberchair, excitedly smiling down and petting his dog who is wagging his tail from the ground
Mo Bro Aaron Shefren and his furry friend EddieImage by: JJ Sulin
A man sits in a barberchair, excitedly smiling down and petting his dog who is wagging his tail from the ground
31 October 2022

Challenge Accepted: Dares That Make a Difference Keep This Mo Bro Coming Back

Aaron Shefren
3 minutes read time

My friends and I started doing Movember 14 years ago just for fun and to grow a Mo. Over the years family and friends have experienced physical as well as mental illness issues and the Movember cause has become much more personal to me.

I continue to participate in Movember with the goal of contributing money and raising awareness so people can screen for health and mental issues earlier in the process before it is too late in a world that is very interconnected, but also lonely at times. People need to know they are not alone and there are organizations out there to help. The worst thing is for people to think they have nowhere to turn and the awareness aspect of Movember is a very important step in destigmatizing some of these things and getting people the help they need

With each year I Mo, I look forward to hearing from people that I do not always connect with on a regular basis that consistently support the cause. During covid I had a friend who made masks out of my moustache during the pandemic to hand out and an incentive. It may have been really creepy, but it was a great way to keep people engaged with the fundraising.

I am always amazed at people’s generosity and love of the Mo. After 14 years of fundraising, I’m all in on different ideas to help be successful every Movember.

After a few years of just sending out emails I was trying to think of a way to raise more money and get more people involved. I figured people like to laugh and be entertained, so I put the idea out there that I would accept goofy, random, and fun challenge requests to double donations. Turns out it is a great way to engage people more and ultimately help the cause.

The first challenge I ever did was 35 push-ups to double up a donation in Texas Longhorn gear. I was huffing and puffing by the end and I completed the request. Some of the great challenges over the years include:

  • Kick a 35-yard field goal
  • Run up and down a steep hill 10 times in under 15 minutes
  • Ride the Peloton 5 consecutive days
  • Make a 20-foot putt and put a drive in the fairway
  • Go deliver someone food in less than 45 minutes
  • Push a chevy Tahoe 50 yards in a parking lot
  • Run a 5k
  • 75 burpees

There is an outstanding challenge for me to shave all my body hair, including my head, except for my moustache, but I am not sure that one is going to work out…

The fun part is that I try and accomplish each challenge, but if I don’t the charity still gets the donation doubled up and it’s a memory for everyone involved. These donations really matter, with funds going towards research, treatments, and tools to help support men’s health and improve outcomes in men’s cancers and mental wellbeing. The funds I raise are a small part of a larger effort to effect change and produce better results for men everywhere, as we need to support each other and have some fun as well.

I grow to remember everyone who we have lost to cancer or mental illness and to support anyone moving forward. This year, I am planning to Mo hard! I always try and let my two sons pick the moustache for each year. They keep asking me to grow the Pringles man moustache, and I keep explaining to them that it would take dad about 3 years to come close to that with my current upper lip growing capacity. The goal this year will be $20,000 as I always try to raise the bar and do better. I am really proud that we have raised almost $100,000 over the past 14 years to help battle men’s cancers and mental illness. We are making a difference and I look forward to continuing to do so.

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