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As head moustache cheerleader at Movember HQ, it is my honor and privilege to lend a wink and a smile to those who grow. I cheer on moustaches in honor of my friend Roddy who lost his battle with cancer. My dad was the first man with a moustache I ever loved.
Karen Costa

6 Year Mo Sista

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Mike Milloy
1 day(s) ago

Mo Sista Karen..
One week to Mo! Where did the time go???
Your Canadian fans miss you. Come up and see us sometime!

Mo Love,

Donation received
5 day(s) ago


Mo Strong

Jeff Bingham posted a photo on Karen's page
5 day(s) ago

Karen! Always good to reach across the continent and touch base with fellow Mo-ers! If there is a League of Extraordinary Mo Sistas, I'm sure you're already near the top! And hey if you get sick of sun and beaches we have skating and snowball fights! Mo on and Stay Fuzzy!

Rebecca Hoff posted a photo on Karen's page
1 Week(s) Ago

If you love the stache, then do the dache! The Mustache Dache 5k comes to Los Angeles THIS SUNDAY, November 23rd. Register and help raise awareness for Movember and serious men’s health issues. For more information, visit www.mustachedache.com

Christopher Murray posted a photo on Karen's page
1 Week(s) Ago

Greetings From MOttawa!

Ron Donoho
1 Week(s) Ago

Karen: Thanks for coming to the Poker Tournament! And as a friend, you can call me Mo Ron.

Donation received
1 Week(s) Ago


louis costa

Keep up the good work to raise $ and save lives! I'm proud of U. LOVE DAD

Ray Nicoli posted a photo on Karen's page
3 Week(s) Ago

Let's do this thing!

Split team donation received
3 Week(s) Ago


Karen Costa

Donated $20 to Cookie Monster and Friends and split it evenly between all team members.

A little something to help your Mo's grow! :) Happy Movember 1st, my loves!

Sage Kotsenburg
4 Week(s) Ago

Keep it steezy Karen!

Ryan Moore
4 Week(s) Ago

Hi Karen - thanks for the note. Up in SF for Mustache Dache planning. I'll try and swing by next Friday. Tell the Mo Team I said hello.
Best - Ryan M

Ryan Moore
4 Week(s) Ago

Hi Karen! Thanks for the note. Lets Mo! Up in SF today but I'll try and come by next Friday to happy hour. Tell the gang I said hello!
-Ryan Moore

Ray Nicoli
8 Week(s) Ago

Another year, another Mo!

Andy Leonetti posted a photo on Karen's page
9 Week(s) Ago

This fuzzy Mo's for you!

Jeffrey Ross
9 Week(s) Ago

Hey Karen!! Glad to see you again! Best of luck this year in your fundraising, and I look forward to the hairy ride. HA! Here's to a great Movember!!

Jackie McGraw posted a photo on Karen's page
9 Week(s) Ago

Good Luck this Year Mo Sista ;)

Ashley Alvarez posted a photo on Karen's page
9 Week(s) Ago

Heeeeeyyyyyyy Mo Sista!!!!!!!!!!!

John Binkley
9 Week(s) Ago

Rock on Mo Sista Karen!

Karen Costa
10 Week(s) Ago

I'm so excited! I'm so excited!

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