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Year #4. While every year has brought about a different (yet spectacular) growth of facial hair, the reason is always the same: to try and raise some awareness regarding men's health. We're a stubborn breed, think we're some form of invincible when it comes to health when in reality, we're just scared of finding out what the truth is. If this 'stache raises even a little awareness, it's a win.
Brian Devlin

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The Movember Foundation

The leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health.

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Movember party!

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Mary & Alex Panayotidis

Brian Devlin
15 Week(s) Ago

"Now selling artisan cheese at the Williamsburg Flea Market. Donate now if you know what's Gouda for you" - Lydia Your donations may help save my marriage.

Brian Devlin
16 Week(s) Ago

Day 6 and the curls are coming on strong!! It's a rainy day out, you're feeling kind of crappy. Know how to make yourself feel better? Make a donation to a good cause!!!!

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Brian Devlin
17 Week(s) Ago

Day 1 and we are doing things differently this year. No clean shaven, starting this as ridiculous as possible. Why only have a few days looking like a jackass when you can do it all month? If this thing doesn't spark conversation then I've failed us all. I'm doing this for 30 days and we all know Movember is about raising awareness for men's health, with a specific focus on prostate cancer. If you can find it in your heart, between laughing and feeling creeped out to donate I'd appreciate immensely. At the end of the month we will have a drawing, winner gets to choose what I dye it. Let's do this!!!!

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