A man stands in a green field with his back to the camera, his young son runs ahead of him. The back of the man's hat reads "Tired Dad"
"Now is the most important time to create community."Image by: The Tired Dad
A man stands in a green field with his back to the camera, his young son runs ahead of him. The back of the man's hat reads "Tired Dad"
10 November 2023

Why I Mo: The Tired Dad

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The moustache as a catalyst

I’ve always loved that the moustache was a conversation starter. That’s what it’s all about – we need to first open up a conversation and talk to other men. Men’s mental health is so important to me. That’s what really resonated with me about Movember. Losing men to suicide is a huge problem, worldwide. When I was younger, I lost a really good friend of mine, so that’s why I want to help push this narrative.

This narrative that needs to change. That needs to shift so that men communicate with other men rather than holding it all in. So that we bring it to the surface and expose it.

The Tired Dad as a symbol

You guys have the moustache? I have Tired Dad. I wear it all the time. That’s my conversation starter day after day. Peoples always ask me, why tired dad? Why not grateful or proud dad? It’s a great conversation, because it does mean all of that. But, if you’re putting in the work, you’re going to be tired from parenting, not of parenting. You’re a tired dad because you’re putting in the work, you’re dedicated. Yes, you’re providing and doing all the tasks that need to be done, but you’re also taking care of yourself mentally, physically, all of it. You’re tired because you’re putting as much effort, if not more, into your family, your values, and other dad’s mental health.

Putting yourself out there

Naturally, I wasn’t always a super vulnerable, open person. But when I started this, I wanted to be vulnerable and put my struggles out there. My struggles with parenting, with being a new dad. I was on a journey, with fatherhood, with getting sober, and I was faced with all these emotions that I couldn’t hold in anymore. So, I just said, “Okay, I’m gonna really put myself out there.” I thought, if I was vulnerable with the world about my struggles, one less person will feel alone. I hoped it would inspire other dads to communicate on a deeper, healthier level. With themselves, with their partners, and their fellow dads.

What The Tired Dads Team is all about

My goal this Movember is to get a team of other tired dads together, doing challenges and fundraising. I want to encourage these dads to take care of themselves -- taking on physical challenges, MOVE for Movember by going on a family walk every night, have a conversation with a fellow dad, checking in, or buying a random dad a coffee. I want this month of Movember to be a breakthrough for some people.

With all the chaos in the world, now is the most important time to create community, and be there for each other, to be kind to one another, and to help those that are struggling. I hope that for my son’s generation, masculinity means more than just one thing. Sure, it can mean being tough, strong and resilient. But I want it to also mean having connections through relationships and showing up for one another. My rallying cry? Push for positive change! It’s a message that the future generation deserves.

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