Cal Mosack
Cal Mosack and familyImage by: Cal Mosack
Cal Mosack
27 November 2020

Why giving back to those with prostate cancer is such an important mission

Cal Mosack
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Cal Mosack is changing the men’s underwear market one pair at a time

The truth is, guys just generally don’t like their underwear. It’s either too baggy or too tight in the legs. And for men going through prostate cancer, there was really no product on the market to truly fit mens’ needs while battling this disease. So that’s really where the idea for Nic Tailor was born.

I teamed up with Nolan Mills and Audie Cooper to create a men’s custom underwear line that’s in a league of its own. Using the highest quality fabrics such as 45 percent micro modal, 45 percent Supima cotton and 10 percent elastane, while manufacturing the entire line in North Carolina, Nic Tailor is committed to spreading awareness for prostate cancer. There really can’t be anybody in this country who hasn’t been touched by prostate cancer either directly, or indirectly. For every item sold from the Nic Tailor brand, we donate 15 percent directly to The Prostate Cancer Foundation.

So many are touched by prostate cancer—not just men! It’s a family issue, which is why awareness is so important. It’s about starting a conversation, and urging men to get screened and stay on top of their health. Prostate cancer affects more than 14 million men worldwide, and is the second leading cancer in men behind skin cancer. It’s treatable, but you have to get screened and that all starts with awareness. We created the Dry Fly brief as part of our collection to cater to men with incontinence, or those who have battled prostate cancer. It’s just like our regular underwear, and made from high quality fabrics. We’re donating a portion of all of our sales to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and we hope that we’re able to set a new standard for the undergarment industry.

In September, we teamed up with Actor Peter Facinelli and Prostate Cancer Foundation for a social media campaign in conjunction with Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. The cause is something close to his heart as both his father and uncle battled prostate cancer, so we were really proud to have Peter as an ambassador and also as part of the #NicTailorNoPants campaign. Men of all ages and all sizes were posting pictures in their underwear. It’s all about loving your body and taking care of yourself.

In an age of pantless Zoom attire with so many people working from home, Nic Tailor also ties into self-care. Having a nice quality pair of underwear where you can just sit there, work and feel good while also helping an important cause is truly a great feeling. 

We’re very proud to be sharing our story with Movember because we love the passion behind this organization. People just need to understand we all come in different shapes and sizes and this brand is there for them. When I’m not working on the Nic Tailor brand, you can find me at the race track. My son races for Dale Earnhardt, JR., and just won Rookie of the Year, so you can often find me, along with friends and family, cheering him on.

For those who might find themselves battling prostate cancer, remember that it’s treatable, and you’re not in this alone. Stay positive, and know that you have an army of support behind you.