16 August 2023

University of Tampa students host first ever Dude Golf Classic

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Mo Bros and lacrosse teammates at the University of Tampa, Luke McAnaney, Colin White, and Owen Miller, have taken their passion for sports and turned it into a business venture focused on making a big impact. In November 2022, they created Dude Golf, a golf apparel company to help average golfers stand out on the course. Their belts are made for style, but also come with some useful features like a magnetic ball marker and a bottle opener. The best part? They're using their platform to support Movember’s men's health initiatives.

This past April they decided to create the iconic Nutz Belt in an effort to help raise awareness and funds for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month with 100% of proceeds from sales going directly to their Dude Golf Mo Space page. They not only raised $750 with more on the way, but also created this hilarious infomercial on how to properly check below the belt.

" we know guys have trouble remembering to perform a self-check and we’re hoping these belts serve as a reminder on the course to check more than just their golf balls. "

The team at Dude Golf plans on continuing their year-round commitment towards supporting Movember by hosting the first ever Dude Golf Classic on November 12th at Bardmoor Golf Course in Saint Pete Florida. Check out details of the event and how to secure your Nutz Belt.