Movember & Philips Norelco
Movember & Philips NorelcoImage by: Movember
Movember & Philips Norelco
4 November 2021

Philips Norelco’s Tips For Mastering The Moustache

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Kudos on braving the rough seas of growing a Mo. Does your moustache feel Itchy? Patchy? In need of some TLC (Tender Love and Combing)? We know the drill – it’s not our first rodeo. And by rodeo, we mean wrangling moustaches. Luckily, our friends and the grooming experts at Philips Norelco are serving up the four key steps to mastering your Mo.

" Care for your health like you do for your Mo "

1. Shape

Keep it sharp. Use a moustache trimmer with a precision attachment to make a gentle curve under your nose, helping you to get the moustache shape that best suits your look. Trim the hair above your upper lip to create a clean line. Then trim the ends of your moustache outwards, from the edge of your lips.

2. Trim

Keep it tidy. If you’ve let your stubble grow to create your moustache, it’s time to chisel it away to reveal that beautiful perfection of a moustache. Use a trimmer to remove it.

3. Shave

Keep it close. Give yourself a clean shave with whatever style of electric shaver or OneBlade you prefer. Pro tip: if you have an issue with shaving burns, remember: best not to apply too much pressure or go for too close a shave.

4. Maintain

Keep it neat. Use wax or pomade to tame your Mo, if required, and trim it regularly to keep it tidy. Have fun with different styles to spark conversations about Movember and the good you are doing for men’s health.

Get style inspiration, more tips and all the grooming goods you need with a visit to Philips’ Men’s Grooming Hub.

Care for your health like you do for your Mo. We couldn’t be happier to have Philips Norelco on board as an Official partner for Movember across North America. Who better to captain us through the hairy voyage ahead? Keep an eye out for more grooming content, prizing and dedicated in-store Movember displays where Philips Norelco products are sold.