Partner Spotlight: Bluestone Lane-Afternoon Coffee & Conversations
Coffee & ConversationsImage by: Bluestone Lane
Partner Spotlight: Bluestone Lane-Afternoon Coffee & Conversations
16 October 2020

Partner Spotlight: Bluestone Lane: Afternoon Coffee & Conversations

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Bluestone Lane is back as a Movember partner for its third year to make your afternoons caffeinated and full of courageous conversations. This year, Bluestone Lane aims to help raise funds, promote conversations, and spark change for men’s health by focusing on you and your community. Together, Bluestone Lane and Movember challenge you to have those honest and sometimes difficult conversations over your favorite cup of coffee. It’s more important than ever to stay socially connected.     To help start the daily conversation, Bluestone Lane is giving everyone a free daily afternoon coffee throughout the month if you raise $150 for Movember. We couldn’t think of a more energizing opportunity if we tried. Be sure to raise at least $75 by November 15 to continue receiving your afternoon coffee credit.    Join the Bluestone Lane Movember Challenge to receive free coffee each afternoon for the month of November through the Bluestone Lane App.

Whether you grow a Mo, Make a Move by running or walking 60 miles over the month, or Host a Mo-ment by safely gathering friends and raising funds, dedicate this month to show support for the men in your life.   

How to Join the Bluestone Lane Challenge and Enjoy Free Coffee:


  1. Click this link and join the Bluestone Lane Challenge with your individual or team Mo Space.
  2. Download the Bluestone Lane App.
  3. Once registered through Movember, you'll receive an email confirmation at the end of October with a link to enter your Bluestone Lane App details. 
  4. Follow the link to in the app join the campaign. Starting Movember 1st will receive a daily $5 afternoon coffee credit you can use from 2pm - 3pm local time. Credit is valid at all Bluestone Lane Coffee Shops & Cafés.
  5. Be sure to raise at least $75 in your Mo Space by Movember 15 to continue receiving $5 afternoon coffee credit for the remainder of the month. Those who do not raise at least $75 by 11/15 for Movember will no longer receive credit in their BL App. 
  6. Our goal is for everyone in the Bluestone Lane challenge to raise $150 by November 30th! Hopefully the afternoon coffee will encourage you connect with friends and family and tell them about your Movember journey.


On Movember 1st, make sure to grab a coffee at your local Bluestone Lane location as they’ll be using special Movember cup sleeves in store.   Movember is privileged to partner with Bluestone Lane this year to encourage courageous conversations as an important step in taking care of your mental and physical health. Our Movember corporate partners are critical in raising vital funds, increasing awareness and engaging conversations about men’s health across diverse communities in the US.   For more information, please visit: