Rian Kanouff
Mo Bro Rian KanouffImage by: Amanda Horner
Rian Kanouff
Skydiver holding Movember flag
11 June 2021

Mo Bro Rian Kanouff Bares It All in the Name of Men’s Health

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Mo Bro Rian Kanouff bared it all on his mission to save lives. On Wednesday, June 16, 2021, he set a world record for the most naked skydives in 24 hours, completing over 60 naked jumps all in support of mental health and suicide prevention.

As a motivational speaker, skydiving and wind tunnel coach, and extreme sports athlete from Omaha, Rian has experienced first-hand the loss of several people close to him due to suicide. In the span of one year, these losses have included his grandfather, a man he truly looked up to and respected, his childhood best friend, who was a respected former Paratrooper and Army Ranger, his first skydiving student, who grew to become one of his best friends, and just a few weeks ago, a former member of his skydive club.

" My friend was very close to his 100th dive. Traditionally in the skydive community, your 100th jump is made naked. He unfortunately never got to make that skydive "

Experiencing these and other losses so close to his community and heart encouraged him to act immediately. As a result, he leaned heavily on his passions to start to bring about attention and change. He made his naked skydives as a tribute to his friend and all other that he has lost, and those who continue to battle and struggle with mental health issues today.

“I truly believe in what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Physically, this feat is going to test my mind, body and spirit. I am a professional skydiver, in the best shape of my life, and completely prepared to take on this challenge to raise awareness and make a difference in other’s lives. Preventing even just one family or friend from having to deal with the devastating consequences of mental health issues will be the greatest accomplishment of it all.”

You can support Rian’s record-breaking efforts and raise vital funds and awareness for men’s mental health and suicide prevention initiatives by visiting his Mo Space page.