Moustache Truck
Moustache TruckImage by: Henderson Fire Department
Moustache Truck
Movember & Al Roker
Movember & Nev Schulman
Movember & Eric Bigger
Movember & Marathons
Movember & NYC Happy Hour
Movember & NASDAQ
Movember & Lambo
2 December 2021

Movember 2021 Roundup

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Movember 2021 was an incredible ride. So many moustaches, and that’s the way we like it. The Movember community has worked hard to turn the moustache into a symbol for men’s health. It’s our hairy ribbon. A moustache here and there means we’re changing the face of men’s health everywhere. With the help of our partners, athletes, celebrities, and the whole Movember community, we had an outstanding Movember.

From those who grew moustaches, to those who moved and hosted, and the legends who chose to Mo Their Own Way – we’re in awe of every one of you. That’s a whole lot of stubble, sweat and determination to do good.

You’re changing the face of men's health. And you’re doing a darn good job. Thank you.

From Lamborghinis to firetrucks, the Movember hairy ribbon was everywhere. You sure were in good company this year. Check out all the gallery of photos for all epic places and faces where Movember popped up.