18 years of hair-raising impactImage by: Movember
1 December 2021

Movember 2021: A big, hairy thank you

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The month formerly known as November has come to a close, and with it, over 220,000 men across the world proudly sported magnificent moustaches.

The range of styles is extraordinary, be it the subtle After Eight, the faithful ol’ Trucker, or a tribute to Motörhead frontman Lemmy (who arguably had the most distinctive moustache in rock n’ roll history). Truly, Movember community members don’t half-ass it when growing their Mo’s.

Nor do they hold back when it comes to raising much-needed funds and awareness for men’s health. Thanks to them, we’ve been able to fund more than 1,250 men’s health projects in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. And although we’re celebrating 18 years since our founding, take our word for it: we’re just getting started in our mission to help men live healthier, happier and longer lives.

The following facts about Movember 2021 may be curly, but the numbers are serious.

  • We rallied enough fundraisers to fill Madison Square Garden 17 times.
  • 1.5 miles. That’s how long the hairs in our combined Movember moustaches would be if we glued them end to end.
  • Mo Movers logged enough miles to travel around the world 102 times. In fact, one person would go through 6,426 pairs of sneakers if they ran the total distance of all our 2021 Mo Movers. Time for some warm down laps.
  • Our community hosted 1,419 fundraising events during the month. And if they all ran back-to-back, they'd stretch into a 120-day non-stop party. That’s a whole lot of havin’ fun, doin’ good.
  • 68,377 geniuses. That’s how many Mo Mavericks came up with their own out-of-the-box ideas for fundraising. Naked skydives. Apartment marathons. 37-mile tortoise walk. You name it, they showed us the true meaning of Mo Your Own Way.

Such incredible achievements prove how dedicated our community is. 

Which is why we’re saying it once more: thank you to our Movember community. 

While we’ve got your attention…

Did you know that you can still donate? The hairy season may officially be over, but you can make a single donation, or even set up monthly giving.

If you haven’t quite gotten around to supporting Movember, or you feel like you can give a little bit more, here’s your chance.