Why she Moves for Movember Image by: Movember
21 October 2020

Mo Sister Marissa Stahl on why she Moves for Movember

Mo Sister
Marissa Stahl
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“Around the world, 60 men take their lives by suicide every single hour. That is why this Movember I am committing to move 60 miles throughout the month to change the face of men's health.

This will be my ninth-year campaigning for Movember. I participate every year because mental health awareness is really important to me. For myself, it's been important to have a community that I can go to when I'm feeling depressed or struggling. It also helps me to be there for the men in my life and give them the tools for what to do or what to say when they're going through a hard time.

Movement and getting outside is so important. It’s just something that makes me feel accomplished every single day. And also, importantly, it's a really great time to connect. You are side by side so you can talk as you go, which is a great way to bring up harder issues or get into deeper conversations.

We do 60 miles over the month of Movember for the 60 men who die every hour globally by suicide. For me, there are so many men in my life who I love and who make me who I am. The reality is we're just losing too many men to suicide. I want to let the men in my life know that I am there for them and I am someone that they can lean on. I want them around and I want them to stay in my life.”

This Movember join Marissa in the Move challenge and run or walk 60 miles over the month. Sign up now and track your Moves throughout the month while raising funds and awareness for men’s health.