Mo of the Month – Mateus Leite
Mo of the Month – Mateus LeiteImage by: Movember
Mo of the Month – Mateus Leite
2 April 2021

Mateus Leite: Inspiring Change

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I had known of Movember for a few years through following their social media channels, but it wasn’t until my uncle was diagnosed with cancer that I decided to really get involved.

Unfortunately, after an ongoing fight, my uncle lost his battle with cancer leaving our entire family filled with grief. Shortly after my uncle’s passing, I found out that my favorite high school teacher took his own life after struggling with depression and failing to find the proper help for several years. I felt like I had to do something to help people that have been going through similar situations and knew that Movember was the perfect way to take action.

Since then, I have been a Mo Bro for over four years and Movember has become a lifestyle for me. I’ve expanded my involvement by becoming a Student Ambassador and established the first Movember Club on Minnesota State’s campus. I joined this program because I want to push men to change their behaviors and inspire others on and off my campus to do the same, so that they don’t have to experience the bad moments that my family, my teacher’s family and I have lived, especially due to diseases and other preventable causes.

" Movember is more than an organization to me: it’s a great way to save lives. "

I recently was invited by Minnesota State University Moorhead to represent student-leaders and speak at Minnesota State’s Speak Up conference. I took this opportunity to share about my experience and what drew me into joining the Movember movement, and to raise awareness about Movember’s mission to reach students, faculty and others from the area. It truly was a great way to connect at a professional, yet more personal way, to the listeners.

In 2021, I am dedicated to expanding my impact and reach as a Student Ambassador by growing the network of like-minded individuals that I have developed, who similarly have a passion to change men’s health.

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