Mo Bro Jeff smiles for the camera from a classic barbershop chair in Denver
Mo Ambassador Jeff HartmanImage by: Keena Photo
Mo Bro Jeff smiles for the camera from a classic barbershop chair in Denver
23 February 2023

Jeff’s story: "Movember’s in my DNA”

Mo Ambassador
Jeff Hartman
3 minutes read time

I’m coming into my twelfth year with Movember. Initially what drew me in was my dad's battle with prostate cancer. Post-surgery they told him it had spread, but this is where the heart and spirit comes in, because he wasn’t ready yet. We had 3 plus great years of living. It was one of the most wonderful goodbyes ever. Movember’s literally been a part of my life ever since.

Up until 5 years ago I was a fundraiser. Then, I was approached to become an ambassador. And my story changed. Because, as an ambassador, I really get to bring a whole community of Mo Bros and Mo Sisters together.

The message and the impact are what's kept me here, and it's going to keep me here. The work that we do, in my opinion, is what is said -- what is spoken, the conversations that we start. The work that we do -- and I say “we” as an inclusive statement, that I feel part of the Movember family after these 12 years. We're an open book to people who don't have a resource or don't know where to go.

When people reach out to me it is because they think of my work with Movember. They’re being faced with something around the Movember cause areas, and they know they can come to me for help – to support them on the best path. This campaign, I was approached by someone I know, and he asked for help navigating conversations about mental health and suicide prevention with his family. I was able to direct not only him, but his kids, to Movember resources. A fellow co-worker came to me when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He knew about the Movember resources because of my many years speaking on the matter and wanted to chat it through.

It's almost like being a billboard for someone, and that makes me feel very proud -- that people know they can come to me, and we can have conversations. That's the great thing about it, there's that trust factor. I couldn’t do it without Movember. I couldn't do it without those crucial support resources.

What I’ve learned along the way with mental health, prostate cancer, testicular cancer is that it is paramount to have discussions on these – locally, regionally, nationally, internationally.

I've learned we can't stop messaging the importance of what we do. Early detection, testicular cancer amongst the younger generation, and mental health crosses all age barriers. It needs to be part of our DNA every day. You get what you give. So, if you want to just tip your toe in – you’re not gonna have a good swim. What Movember provides is amazing, and I’m going to garnish all of that information and keep at the top of my mind, sharing those stories, sharing that knowledge, sharing that community and continually make change.

It's not about the pedal on the left. It’s about the pedal on the right. Let’s go. We’ve got an important message to share. We’ve got an important journey to share in. Don’t pump the brakes. It’s the pedal on the right – hammer it down. Let’s go.