Craig Engels
Craig EngelsImage by: Craig Engels
Craig Engels
21 November 2020

How running helped me get on the right track

Craig Engels
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Craig Engels shares his inspiring story of overcoming ADHD and depression

There have been a few points in my life that were pretty low and as I look back now, I realize those were the times I didn’t have sports in my life and I was just staying inside. It led to this perpetual sadness. Track and field has been such a good way to stay happy.

I had severe ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) when I was a child and when I started running, I got to get off medicine and I was finally able to focus in class.

My biggest thing for kids with ADHD would be to consider not taking meds as a child. I know how hard it is for parents, especially if your parents are working full time like mine where and had no other options. But now, people are realizing if you change up your diet and take sugar out and exercise to burn up all your extra energy, it’s so much better than just taking medicine. When I was a kid they called it a disorder and I thought there was something wrong with me. But the more I learned about ADHD, the more I realized how unique people with ADHD are in society.

Although this year took an unexpected turn with the pandemic and the postponement of the Olympics in Tokyo, I’ve been staying positive by running. Not having goals to shoot for is a little bit monotonous so I have continued training and we were all super safe with protocol. I think I’ve been Covid tested 15 to 20 times now.

Running has really been such a healing journey for me. Anytime I’m feeling cooped up or like I’ve been sitting around inside too long, I’ll take the van I converted into an RV on weekend trips. Then, I’ll go for runs and do whatever I want. I’ll go fishing or play golf. Just getting away for a little while is so helpful. Running is part of my routine and it’s my biggest way to stay sane.

A lot of people are curious about my moustache and mullet. I started sporting this look because I just wanted to look different and be funny at first. Now, it helped me get a sponsorship because it made me more marketable. But I do it now just because I want to and it’s funny.

I realize many of you are growing mustaches for Movember and that’s very cool. Some guys are super self-conscious to just grow a straight moustache so my tip would be to grow a beard for as long as you can or until you feel comfortable and then just shave everything else except for the moustache. The confidence will be there so it’s not just this tiny moustache. And every moustache tells a story. What will be yours?