Gardner Minshew
Gardner MinshewImage by: Gardner Minshew
Gardner Minshew
SNICKERS Chain Sweepstakes
Gardner Minshew
6 November 2020

GameOn, Gardner Minshew, and SNICKERS come together to support Movember

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Movember is proud to present Gardner Minshew’s 2019 SNICKERS Chain Sweepstakes within GameOn’s iOS and Android apps, a prediction gaming startup on a mission to make it easier, faster and safer to get into the game.

This effort leverages technology to engage fans and raise money for Movember which is a cause close to Mo Bro, Gardner Minshew, the Jacksonville Jaguar’s quarterback. The sweepstakes is exclusively accessible by downloading GameOn at the App Store or Google Play, donating to Movember and making picks through the prediction platform. This takes place for the four Jaguar’s games during Movember. The three highest scoring fans, making picks like the first touchdown scorer, are deemed winners after each game and are awarded prizes.

What are the prizes?

The Garner Minshew 2019 SNICKERS Chain Sweepstakes features exclusive prizes including Gardner’s one-of-a-kind SNICKERS Chain. Each week, football’s “Hungriest Players” are awarded the SNICKERS Chain for demonstrating exceptional performances or plays on the field, and at the end of the 2019 season, Gardner Minshew edged out 12 other chain recipients after SNICKERS invited fans to weigh in on which “Hungriest Player” rose above the rest. The chain is designed by Ben Baller, widely known as a trendsetter in jewelry design, and a legend among hip-hop artists. The chain has an estimated value of over $75,000.

Other prizes include a football autographed by Gardner Minshew, a video call with a Jacksonville Jaguars team representative, a one year’s supply of SNICKERS, and Movember swag bags.

Get in on the action by downloading GameOn, donating to Movember and making your picks to win these exclusive prizes!