Staying Connected on Father's Day
Father's DayImage by: Movember
Staying Connected on Father's Day
16 June 2022

Stay Connected This Father's Day

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It’s not always easy staying connected with the father figures in our lives. Whether it’s long distances, challenging health issues, family trials, or the lasting effects of the pandemic, it doesn’t take much to feel disconnected these days. Regardless of if you’ve got a close relationship, or would like to be closer, here are some tips to help you better connect with the important men in your life this Father’s Day:

1. Schedule regular check-ins

We can all benefit from a regularly scheduled catch-up. Scheduling a recurring chat makes staying in touch the norm, takes some of the stress away, and makes staying connected a priority. Set up a consistent plan for touching base so you’re not going months in between conversations.

2. Reach out with ALEC

Sometimes we don’t know exactly how to start off a conversation, or it can feel awkward or forced if it’s been a while. By following four simple steps in ALEC, you can better navigate the conversation.

3. Go beyond small talk

If we dig a little deeper and carve our space for more meaningful conversations, it can make all the difference in how connected we feel. Our Movember Conversations tools gives you more support, especially if you are reaching out to a friend or loved one you think might be struggling.

4. Take time to learn about the things they like

It’s easy it is to have a natural conversation talking about something your father figure likes. Even if his interests don’t align with yours, take the initiative and ask questions–how does he make your favorite childhood meal? What was the best Dadvice he got from his father? You might find yourself exiting the conversation with information that leaves you both feeling naturally more connected.

5. Share experiences

Shared experiences are natural bridge-builders. Reading a book or watching a TV show at the same time provide great starting points for even greater conversations.

6. Make Father’s Day every month through monthly giving

Supporting men’s health programs and initiatives every month means more time with our fathers and fatherly figures.

Become a monthly donor and feel more connected to your father year-round.