A logo that says "Every Man Jack" appears next to the photo of the lower half of a moustachioed man's face
Top tips for growing your best Mo from celebrity groomer Michael DuenasImage by: Every Man Jack
A logo that says "Every Man Jack" appears next to the photo of the lower half of a moustachioed man's face
6 November 2023

Expert tips for growing out your Mo from Every Man Jack

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As a company that was founded to inspire men to take care of themselves, Every Man Jack takes men’s health seriously. That’s why they’ve partnered with Movember to help save men’s lives.

Growing a moustache (affectionately known as a Mo) is Movember’s symbol for better men’s health. It’s a rallying cry that grabs attention and starts important conversations. So, while you give it a grow, showing the world you stand for healthier men and a healthier world – we tapped Celebrity Groomer and Every Man Jack Ambassador, Michael Duenas, to share his top tips for growing and maintaining your best Mo.

Soften the stubble

Right from the beginning, your stubble can feel as rough as sandpaper, which can be uncomfortable for both you and your loved ones. To keep the irritation at bay, start incorporating high quality moustache and beard oil into your routine. It makes a huge difference!

Grab the shears

As your moustache grows, you’ll inevitably encounter excess length that extends over your upper lip. Don’t panic first time Mo Bros – this is totally normal! Equip yourself with a top-notch tool kit, like this set from Every Man Jack. Begin by combing your hair downwards. Then, hold your shears at a 45-degree angle and trim from the center of your mustache towards the corners of your mouth. Leave a bit of length at the ends to create the illusion that your hair is growing outwards

Maintaining your Mo

Remember, facial hair is different from the hair on your head. Proper maintenance requires specialized products designed to condition your facial hair, enhance its shine, and provide control, while protecting the skin beneath. Here are 3 must-have Mo essentials:

  • Beard and Face Wash: Scrub your beard (and face) to achieve pristine cleanliness and prevent dandruff
  • Beard Butter: Use it to shape your moustache and prevent unruly flyaways. Beard butter helps keep your Mo manageable and soft, plus it smells incredible. Once your mustache grows out a bit, you can even use it to curl the ends up for an entirely different look
  • Beard Oil: Infuse your moustache with moisture and shine. You want you Mo to feel soft and well-hydrated, not coarse.