Lamborghinis at Blenheim Palace
Lamborghinis at Blenheim PalaceImage by: Movember
Lamborghinis at Blenheim Palace
17 November 2021

Driving Change for Men’s Health

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We’ve joined forced with iconic super sports car brand Lamborghini. See what happened when over 1,500 Lamborghinis hit the streets...

Saturday 6th November saw over 1,500 moustachioed cars take to the streets of 92 cities around the world, as iconic super sports car brand Lamborghini, pulled off the biggest global rally in the company’s history, all in the name of men’s health.

The event, which saw Bull Runs take place in some of the world’s biggest cities – including New York, Bangkok, Rome and Cape Town – marked the start of a collaboration between Lamborghini and Movember.

Here at Mo HQ, one of our strategies for reaching men has always been to go to where they are. If men are standing around, kicking the tyres of a car, then that’s where we should be, which is one of the reasons we’re so excited about our collaboration with Lamborghini. There’s a natural connection between us, we’re both about bringing people together over something this love, having fun and doing good.