Over 80 golfers pose on a golf course in Arizona to help raise funds for Movember
The 2nd Annual Hyslop Drive Fore a Cure unites over 80 golfers in ArizonaImage by: Chris Hyslop
Over 80 golfers pose on a golf course in Arizona to help raise funds for Movember
11 August 2023

A desire to do more

Chris Hyslop
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I first became aware of Movember in 2008, when I ran into a few guys drinking beers in a bar in San Diego and they were all sporting moustaches. Of course, I had to ask the question: ”So, what’s with the Mo?” When they told me what Movember was and that they were raising awareness for prostate cancer, I was immediately hooked and since that fateful day I vowed to grow my moustache every November and do my part to support the movement.

In early 1997, my father Scotty was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was devastating news on many levels. My father served in the United States Air Force and since retiring was committed to get his annual check-up, which included a prostate exam and PSA count. Although it had only been 9 months since his last physical, the cancer was so aggressive that it had already spread to his hips and lower part of his spinal column. After several attempts with various types of treatment, he was told that there was nothing else the medical experts could do and in November of 1999 he lost his battle at the age of 62.

Discovering Movember from that spirited group of men that day in San Diego was fate. I was going to help carry the torch and raise awareness in hopes of getting more men to act diligently about getting their prostate checked. I was hopeful that I could play a small part in possibly saving future men from dying too soon. I have to pause here and admit, I was not blessed with that nice dense, full facial hair that women love and men envy. So, deciding to grow a moustache guaranteed I would receive more than my fair share of ribbing and teasing from friends and family. I also knew that they would ask the inevitable question I asked back in 2008: ”Dude, what’s with the Mo?” which would allow me to shine a light on what Movember is all about.

Fast forward to 2022, when after a routine day on the golf course with some of my good buddies I had a bit of inspiration hit and that spark was a desire to do more to help this cause. I am a golf junkie, playing almost every weekend and hitting the range to practice in between. It made perfect sense, I could put together a golf tournament, using my vast network of friends, family, and professional colleagues, and create a fun event that could support Movember. Living in Phoenix, Arizona I was already in one of the perfect environments for this event. And to tie it all together, I first learned to play the game by using my dad’s old golf clubs that he had long since stashed in the closet for good. A perfect tribute to my father.

Well, here we are again in 2023…ramping up for the 2nd Annual Hyslop Drive Fore A Cure charity golf tournament. Last year was a big success as we had over 80 golfers, 25 volunteers, and 35 sponsors! This year will be bigger and better as we add to our raffle baskets, swag bags, and of course all the fun hole activities.

And we have a new Bro in the fight as my brother Mike Hyslop (aka Powder) was recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma in his prostate, where they discovered two small tumors. Powder noticed his PSA count was rising and his doctor recommended an MRI. They conducted a biopsy and as of the writing of this story, he is talking with doctors about his treatment options. He is very fortunate that they caught it early and his spirits remain positive.

Registration is open for this year’s tournament, which will be on November 10th at Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix, Arizona.