Corey Feldman
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Corey Feldman
7 December 2021

Corey Feldman Has a License to Thrive

Corey Feldman
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I am always about positive change and growth. Even if that that comes in the form of a moustache, in support of Movember! At the end of the day, anything that helps is important to me. My goal is to remind people that positive energy and love is what is going to bring us back to balance and center on this planet. Right now, we're going through a time that's been through so much adversity, so much conflict, even within our own lives.

" I know that everybody's got love in their heart. Everybody has the ability to get back to that place. "

There's all this political friction between family members. People are fighting everywhere. So right now I'm just here to say, ‘Look, we've all kind of grown a lot, been through a lot, we've learned a lot about how real and powerful the dark side has been looming in the past few decades. And I think now we're kind of in this woke nation state where people are ready for more information. They're ready to take charge. They're ready to do something and stand in union. And we must remember that the only way that good wins over evil is with love in our hearts and with positive thinking and positive beliefs. We've got to remember to harness that positive energy. It’s about getting ourselves to a higher plane of thinking and a higher vibrational flow of energy so that we're all connected. And we can feel this positive energy within ourselves, in between ourselves, and use it as a force to fight the negative energy that tries to break us down and everything.

I have a new box setting coming out called Love Left 2.1, which features four CDs and a downloadable hologram of me, because I’ve had this incredible musical career making music with artists like Lita Ford, Don Dokken, Mickey Thomas of Starship and most recently, Cosmic Wire's label head BLAZAR. I turned 50 in July and feel my life is kind of at the halfway point. You start to ask ‘What am I going to do with all this stuff?’ And I decided to share it. I had these rare photos of myself Drew Barrymore, Michael Jackson, and my friend Corey Haim, who I miss so much.

I know that everybody's got love in their heart. Everybody has the ability to get back to that place. But we sometimes get so caught up in the fear, caught up in the divisions, that we forget what we connect with each other on. We forget what makes us one race. We are all brothers and sisters: one human race. And we just have to remember that. In my music, I like to touch on issues that matter like racism, social injustice and the Me Too movement. It’s also really important to me to stay connected to my fans.

I’ve mailed tens of thousands of signed letters and photos back to fans over the years. If I see fans on the street, I will always sign for them and take a picture. They have been through it all with me, like all the viral attacks and the whistle blowing and the gas lighting and just all this stuff that I've been through in the past 5 years to 10 years. I have gone through therapy and group therapy. The power of the fan is unbelievable. I’m grateful for my fans and my life. Giving back will always be important to me. I have so much love in my heart.