Your Thanksgiving Week Checklist
Your Thanksgiving Week ChecklistImage by: Movember
Your Thanksgiving Week Checklist
15 November 2021

Your Thanksgiving week checklist

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Prime turkey-eating time is almost here. No matter where you are or how you’re spending Thanksgiving, it’s still a great opportunity to remind your loved ones why you’re doing Movember and the difference their dollars will make to men’s health.

Turbo-charge your fundraising on the hairy home stretch using our donation-magnet calendar checklist below.

Wednesday, November 24th

Organize a virtual or in-person catch up with friends the night before Thanksgiving. Show off your Movember efforts, and ask them to back you with a donation.

Remember the holidays can be hard on people. Checking in with a friend is a great way to show them you care.

Thursday, November 25th (Thanksgiving)

Upstage the turkey with an irresistible offer. If you're growing a Mo, put a price tag on it: whoever donates the most dollars gets to shave your Mo into a wild new style, or maybe dye it a new color.

For everyone else: share Movember’s Top Five Men's Health Tips and ask those around the table to chip in $5. We call it "five for five."

You could even offer to clean up Thanksgiving dinner for a donation. Sharing is caring after all.

Friday, November 26th

If you've signed up to do the Move challenge, there’s nothing like a Turkey Trot to get those extra miles in, even if you're not taking the challenge, get out and get some fresh air and exercise, it's good for you.

Since it's Black Friday, check out some Movember merch! From November 25th - 27th we're offering free shipping!

You can also offer your own Black Friday specials. Maybe you'll match donations, or maybe they get a special treat if they donate. Plus donating to charity can feel great after all that shopping.

Saturday, November 27th

Use Instagram Stories to call for donations from your followers. Try adding a poll to your story and asking how much people want to give ($20 or $25 or pick your own amounts). When people vote follow up with them to collect.

Sunday, November 28th

Snap a selfie using the Movember app (If you have a Mo, put that baby front and center). Add custom filters and stickers, then share it on your social channels with a heartfelt ask for a few bucks.

If you Hosted a virtual event this Movember, post a recap with photos to encourage last minute donations.

Monday, November 29th

Movember is almost, over but there's still plenty of time to give. It's a great day to remind your donors about company gift matching. If they work somewhere that matches charitable donations, they can double their gift.

Tuesday, November 30th

It's the last day of Movember, and also GivingTuesday. It's a great day to remind people to give. Also for each donation of $25 or more to your Mo Space, our partner Mastercard® will match with $25 (up to $100,000). That's a lot of free donations!

Show off all the hard work you've done throughout the month and inspire some last minute donations. But remember, men's health doesn't stop in November, it's year round.