"I'm living proof that my efforts with Movember have paid off."Image by: Andrew Cagle
13 October 2023

Bob’s story: 15-year Mo Bro is living proof that his dollars raised are making a difference

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20 years ago, Movember started a men’s health movement. As a result, men are living healthier, longer lives. Men like Bob Evans.

Bob got involved with Movember from the moment the mission sprouted up on U.S. soil. A man in his 40s at the time, he found Movember through his prostate cancer diagnosis in 2009.

Now, 15 years later, a whole lot of moustaches, conversations and one epic moustache tattoo later, Bob has raised nearly $100,000 for the cause. His mission? To raise awareness for men’s health and to stop men from dying too young. And he’s done this all while living with prostate cancer.

Over the years, Bob has undergone many forms of treatment for his aggressive form of prostate cancer. From surgery to radiation to androgen deprivation therapy, Bob’s care team has always adjusted the treatment path to best fit his journey.

A year ago, Bob’s PSA levels started to soar. His doctor suggested they try a new type of scan: the PSMA PET scan. The PSMA PET scan helps clinicians to image the disease, finding out where it has spread, so targeted and personalized action can be taken.

This cutting-edge technology is making a real difference in the fight against prostate cancer – and it was partly-funded by Movember.

Bob’s doctor shared that the scan was funded by Movember and wondered if he’d ever heard of us. He had a laugh and shared that he’d been fundraising for nearly two decades. “I’m living proof that my efforts with Movember have paid off,” shares Bob.

We’ve spent over 18 years deep in prostate cancer research and resources, bringing together the best minds in the world to tackle the biggest problems in prostate cancer and to transform standards of care for men across the globe.

None of this would be possible without the dollars raised by our community of 6 million strong – and growing.

But there’s still a long way to go. Because until prostate cancer stops impacting the lives of men like Bob and everyone around them – we’re not stopping.

Join us. Learn more about how to get involved and raise these life-changing funds.