"My motivation is to help everyone realize they're not alone."Image by: MVP Sports Group
28 November 2023

MiLB Boston Red Sox player Blaze Jordan opens up about mental health

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Boston Red Sox player, Blaze Jordan, took to social media this fall to share his experience with depression and anxiety.

It was in his final year of high school that Blaze remembers just not feeling happy. But nobody could see it, because he hid it. In fact, he hid it by playing the part of the happiest person in the room. The happiness that came with getting drafted and the first few days of being a professional baseball player, and signing with the Red Sox wore off and the anxiety and depression came back.

It took some time of dealing with this on his own before Blaze hit a breaking point that ended up putting him in the hospital, missing two weeks of his first professional season. He wasn’t able to keep anything down, could barely walk, and started hyperventilating. “Everything just started to unravel.” It had built up for so long that Blaze couldn’t deal with it alone anymore.

After talking with a therapist, Blaze realized he needed to be more open about what was going on and talk it through with the people around him. His family, friends, and team helped create this space for him.

“My motivation for joining Movember is to help everyone realize they are not alone if they are struggling with their mental health. I once was in a dark place and felt like I had no one to talk to about my anxiety and depression, which lead to me not eating and it ended up putting me into the hospital for a few days. But I realized after this situation I had plenty of people that I could’ve reached out to and people that really cared for me. But I was scared they would’ve judged me or thought I was weak. The support I got after coming out about my anxiety and depression just shows no one will judge or think you are weak, and it really opened my eyes and made me realize I should’ve reached out to someone sooner. I am doing this so hopefully I can help others reach out to someone before they get to the point I did. No matter your situation, please reach out because someone out there cares and wants the best for you and wants you here.” - Blaze Jordan

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