Movember Ballsy Ballwash
Know Thy Nuts with Ballsy BallwashImage by: Movember
Movember Ballsy Ballwash
7 April 2021

Know Thy Nuts with Ballsy Ballwash

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Steam them. Clean them. Check them.

A steamy shower is the best place to check your nuts, and Ballsy has the best suds for the job. Ballsy is a men’s personal care brand who doesn’t beat around the balls. Their line of products tackles specific male-focused issues while also inspiring guys to live balls out.

They are partnering with Movember and giving back through a limited-edition charity Ballwash, called Give A Sack.

25% of the profits from this Ballwash supports Movember’s game-changing men’s health projects, including testicular cancer tools and research. The Give A Sack edition of Ballwash also features step by step directions on how to check yourself for testicular cancer in the shower.

Use code KNOWTHYNUTS to receive 20% off your purchase of the Give A Sack Edition of Ballwash and start living balls out today.