Alyssa Kohl
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Alyssa Kohl
15 March 2021

It's a strength not weakness to reach out for help

Mo Sister
Alyssa Kohl
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Ten years ago, my family and I walked in on my grandpa’s suicide attempt. He never once let on that he wasn’t okay, probably because that wasn’t “the way men were supposed to be.” Sadly, that stigma is still around and impedes one’s likelihood of asking for help.

I Mo because I want to emphasize that it is a sign of strength—not weakness—to reach out. I Mo because, as a paramedic, I see an increasing number of people from all walks of life carrying some pretty heavy mental health baggage. Regina EMS lost one of our own paramedics to suicide in 2018, and my co-workers really came together to push hard to change the mental health resources available to first responders. I’m proud to stand next to the fine paramedics of this city in their efforts. I couldn’t resist joining a Movember team that has led the country in fundraising among emergency services for the past several years.

I Mo for my late grandpa who felt he couldn’t speak up, but also for my husband and my EMS brothers who have set an example in having hard conversations, who try to normalize the offloading of some of that baggage. I Mo because there’s a lot of men in my life who support this “Mo Sister” and I can’t imagine where I’d be without them.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, or needs emotional support we urge you to head to for crisis support options. To speak with someone immediately, contact your local 24-hour support service.