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The Movember Car Wash is open for business
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The Movember Car Wash is open for business
September 30, 2021

20 ways to bring in donations

4 minutes read time

Each year, our awesome Mo Bros and Mo Sisters come up with brilliant ways to raise much-needed funds and awareness for men’s health.

The most famous method (but definitely not the only one) is to Grow a moustache. You can pledge to Move 60 miles in a month. You can also Host a Mo-ment to raise funds in a fun and social setting. Or why not try to Mo Your Own Way? This is for those eyebrow-raising fundraising ideas that (hopefully) prompt the response “you’re doing what?!”

Remember you don’t need to stick with just one. You can Grow and Move, Move and Host or Grow and Host. It’s up to you.


Try the Trucker. Rock a Regent. Cultivate a Connoisseur. More than just follicles on your face, your moustache is a ribbon. It grants you the power to remind people of the importance of men’s health, and urges them to act with a donation.

Here’s how you can up the ante and raise more for men’s health:

  1. Mo handle – auction the naming rights for your Mo, then call it by that name for the rest of the month.
  2. Real estate agent – go one further and subdivide your Mo into plots. Auction each plot and let the landowners decide what you have to do with their plot on the last day of the month. Style it? Dye it? Cut it?
  3. Mo my face – run a ballot on what Mo style you should go for. Get extra donations for each vote.
  4. The keeper – not everyone’s a Mo fan. So what happens if you announce that you plan to keep yours? Maybe it’s an opportunity to get donations to shave it off. Just sayin’.


How you run or walk your 60 miles is up to you. Take it fast, take it slow. Push your limits outside (or push ‘go’ on the treadmill). Those 60 miles are for the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour, every hour.

Here are some ways to maximise your Move donations:

  1. Move multiplier – ask your network to pledge a donation amount for every mile that you move. If you can get five people to pledge $1 per mile that’s $300 raised.
  2. Move FM – share daily Move playlists for extra donations. Or have your donors pay extra to add songs.
  3. Slow mover – take your time. Space your moves over the month, asking people to chip in for each session logged. We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare.
  4. Move in twos – get a friend on board and walk your 60 miles together. If social distancing restrictions prevent you from doing so in person, plug in your earphones and give each other a call. It's also a great opportunity to check in with each other.


This year, Hosting a Mo-ment is going be curlier. Maybe even as curly as a Connoisseur Mo. If you can’t Host one in-person, Host one online. Think big. Think small. Think delicious, competitive or creative. Take pointers from our Mo-ment how to guide, get set with an official fundraising pack (download here), or go rogue and do the handiwork yourself.

Get going with these thought-starters:

  1. All-or-nothing auction – put the stuff you want to get rid of into a room and auction it all, online or in-person. What about selling the clothes off your back to show how far you’ll go (just promise to wash them first)?
  2. Mo Quiz – we made a quiz with a twist for you to use. It comes with pre-recorded questions and celeb guest appearances. Works virtually, too.
  3. The Mo factor – Host a talent show. Pick the right team members, and you could be onto a winner. Set up centre stage at your place or do it live on a video conference.


Mo Your Own Way is an open-ended invitation to test your limits in the name of men’s health. It's a choose-your-own-adventure challenge, epic in scope and scale. You need imagination, determination and fire in your belly. And you'll have a ton of fun while you’re getting it done.

Whether it’s a gruelling test of physical endurance or a not-so-sweaty pledge to kick a bad habit – it’s whatever Mo Your Own Way means to you.

Here’re some ideas to get your brain juices flowing:

  1. Mo-a-Thon – livestream a workout in which people make pledges against the activity you’re doing.
  2. Give it a Mo – get sponsored to give up caffeine, sugar or alcohol for the month. Fine yourself when you fumble. You’ll raise funds and improve your health at the same time – don’t you love twofers?
  3. RAK your Mo – create a menu of random acts of kindness. Get your friends to donate for acts, then go and do them.
  4. Kare-Mo-ke – post a video of you singing online and challenge your friends to do it better or differently. Take requests and ask for donations.

Log in to your Mo Space to get started. And remember: physical distancing restrictions vary from place to place. So as you start to plan your events, please follow your governing health body’s COVID-19 advice.