Real Moustaches + Conversations = Real Outcomes

Author: Movember
At Movember we aim to raise awareness through education. Nothing exemplifies this more than the story of Dr. Bill Blazey and how he and his students at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM) directly impacted the lives of their patients with their moustaches.

After being approached by student (and Mo Bro!) Alex Perelman to join the Movember movement, Dr. Blazey and some of the staff quickly registered their Team NYCOM and began growing lip warmers for the cause and talking up the importance of Movember and men’s health.

One afternoon, a longtime patient asked Dr. Blazey about his new Mo. Always willing to spread awareness for the cause, Dr. Blazey began talking about Movember and the important issues concerning men’s health. The woman, who’s husband hadn’t seen a doctor in a about five years, suggested that he come in to have a physical exam with Dr. Blazey that afternoon. The timing couldn’t have been better.

Dr. Blazey preformed a routine physical exam, including a prostate screening on the husband and found an irregularity on his prostate. After seeing a urologist it was confirmed that the gentleman did have early stage prostate cancer. However, thanks to the early detection, his cancer was non-invasively treated and is having a successful outcome. Not only did Team NYCOM raise more than $7,000 for the cause, a patient was successfully treated for a life threatening disease – all because of Movember. Just one of hundreds of examples of our vision and goals in action.

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