Each year we get a lot of questions about how the ladies can get involved with Movember. For those Mo Sistas out there – you know the score – but for those who haven’t joined the hairy hunt yet – Welcome.

Mo Sistas have a very special role in the call of the wild and as the saying goes, behind ever great Mo Bro is a great Mo Sista. Over the years we’ve seen Mo Sistas passionately join the hairy movement in their own, unique way. Whether it be through Mo Bake sales, hosting events, starting teams, recruiting Mo Bros (and Mo Sistas), raising funds, challenging their workplace or simply starting conversations about men’s health - they are an active and necessary pack for the success of Movember. So when you boil it down Mo Sistas get involved in Movember in the exact same ways as Mo Bros, except without the 100% face grown, hand brushed Mo (in most cases).

Special thanks to our  Mo Sistas committee and thescore for making this video. Way to lead the Mo Sista charge!

We’ve heard so many inspiring stories from passionate women who’ve championed Movember for their fathers, uncles, sons, boyfriends, and friends, and one thing that has come back time and time again is to never underestimate how far a wink and a nod will go for a Mo Bro. Especially in those first couple weeks when growth is slow and they need that nod of encouragement, that support for their men’s health journey.

If you’re looking for a place to start, look no farther!

Mo Sista Checklist
•    Register as a Mo Sista
•    Start a Team
•    Recruit Mo Bros and Mo Sistas
•    Raise Funds
•    Ask a Mo Bro if he’s had an annual health check up and if over 40, a PSA Test
•    Host an event
•    Attend a Gala Parté
•    Always smile at a Mo Bro, complement his Mo. That helps them grow. FACT.

Join the Hairy Hunt here Mo Sistas!
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