Text on top of a large red moustache reads "Pringles with Purpose", with 3 cans of Pringles below
Pringles Partners with MovemberImage by: Pringles
Text on top of a large red moustache reads "Pringles with Purpose", with 3 cans of Pringles below
4 November 2022

Pringles Starting More CANdid Conversations About Mental Health

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For a second year, Pringles® is joining Movember to drive more open conversations around men’s mental health in the USA. From one moustachioed aficionado to another, it’s not just moustaches that Pringles and Movember have in common. There is a shared goal to decrease the stigma around mental health and inspire connection. Pringles has been raising funds, awareness and supporting Movember to help men live happier, healthier, longer lives in more than one way this fall.

Ahead of the hairy season, Pringles kicked things off at Kroger locations across the country. As a result of fans of Mr. P and his irresistible crisps who purchased a can of Pringles at participating Kroger locations, the brand donated $150,000 to the cause and will continue to encourage fans to gather their friends and have “CANdid conversations” throughout Movember.

“As a brand, Pringles is dedicated to bringing people together to share special moments, and we’ve found that it is in moments like these that people can have meaningful conversations that make a positive impact on mental health,” shares Mauricio Jenkins, U.S. Marketing lead for Pringles.

At its heart, Pringles is about sharing a can, getting together and socializing with family and friends, so this Movember, they want to motivate people to get more comfortable opening up by having “CANdid conversations.”

Pringles is excited to inspire fans to commit to reaching out to someone in their life this Movember and engage in “CANdid conversations” – a moment of vulnerability when fans of Pringles and Movember can share their mental health journey, or simply how they’re feeling in the hopes of helping others feel more comfortable opening up with what’s on their mind.

Be on the lookout on social for some of your favourite creators sharing details about the cause and encouraging fans to open up to those they trust.

Inspired to start conversations and contribute to the cause? Follow along and donate to Pringles Fundraising Page.