Mo-mance: noun, a friendship grown from shared support for MovemberImage by: Movember x Macho Macho
25 October 2023

The ultimate hosts: 8 years, over $400,000 raised, 1 epic Mo-mance

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What do you get when you combine a legendary Mo-mance, a history of epic party-throwing and a dedicated community dressed to the nines? An epic event known to New Yorkers as the Mustachio Bashio that helped the team raise over $175,000 for Movember in 2022. Spearheaded by the fearless leaders of team Macho Macho, Cole McCormack and Jack Hasselmann, the Mustachio Bashio took place for its third year, with over 375 attendees.

"I am incredibly proud of this team of 21. The success is due to a lot of hard work, trust and love. We had 3 marathon runners, a charity concert, a brewery / beer sponsorship, 2 trivia nights, 1 golf outing, a Philly dinner night, Zoom calls, a 400 person Mustachio Bashio, and a ton of Instagram posts,” exclaims Cole.

Cole and Jack are both veteran Mo Bros with a passion that goes beyond just a moustache or a party. Cole’s participation in Movember is personal. He raises funds each year in honor of multiple family members who have been touched by cancer, most recently his father, a prostate cancer survivor.

“Since prostate cancer runs in my family, I am more likely to get it as well, which is a scary thought. I’m grateful for the work Movember is doing in the prostate cancer space so future generations won’t have to go through what our family did” says Cole.

“Too many men are ‘toughing it out’, keeping their feelings to themselves and struggling in silence” Jack, an advocate to change the stigma around mental health, states. “When we first started talking about the idea of Mustachio Bashio, we knew we had to create something that not only would raise much needed funds for Movember, but would also provide the opportunity to bring together the community and start conversations all while spreading awareness for men’s health.”

Cole and Jack’s passion and dedication to Movember shows not only in how they bring together an amazing community, but the funds raised speaks volumes of their supporters. Since forming, the team has raised over $480,000 (and counting...)!

Looking for more inspiration to Host your own event in support of men’s health? Check out these tips to be the Host with the most. And if you're interested in attending this year's event on November 11th, please reach out to Leeron at