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A graphic of the Movember app on an iPhone
Get the Movember app todayImage by: Movember
A graphic of the Movember app on an iPhone
A graphic explaining the Mo Selfie feature of the Movember app
Another graphic explaining the Mo Space feature of the Movember app.
A graphic explaining the Mo Tracker feature of the Movember app.
September 30, 2021

Mo like a pro with the Movember app

2 minutes read time

Come the hairy season, the Movember app is your secret weapon. It's your shortcut to quicker, easier, fun-packed fundraising – not to mention a brilliant way to effortlessly update and communicate with your network (which is code for 'while chillin' on the couch bingeing on Netflix).

Here are 3 fancy features that'll make you an irresistible donation magnet:

Mo Selfie: the camera is loaded with custom stickers and filters to spice up your Mo Selfies.

Mo Space: speedy access to your Mo Space means easier everything. Asking for and receiving donations, thanking donors, and sharing your page.

Mo Tracker: the Mo Tracker measures daily Mo growth and then pulls it all together in an end-of-month timelapse.

If we haven't sold it yet, you can also:

  • Get notified whenever donations roll in.
  • Use your personalised QR code to share your Mo Space on the spot (also called instant donations).
  • Track your progress as you huff and puff through your Move or Mo Your Own Way challenge.
  • Check in on your team and any fundraising challenges that you're part of.
  • Get the latest Movember news and stories from our awesome community.

Need we say more? Download on the App Store or get it on Google Play now.