Adam Shaw: Fighting testicular cancer

In September 2013 I found an abnormality during a self-exam, and my wife encouraged me to go to the doctor.

Jeff George: Because I've been there, I know how tough it gets

I chose to talk, and I received the help I need. Now I try to use my experiences and use my voice to help others.

Patrice Lavoie: I do Movember to help my fellow men overcome

As a gay man who grew up without a male figure, I had built my own version of what I thought a man should be: an overachieving, masculine, always-smiling, successful and strong gentleman. 

Nate Yeomans: Why I Mo

For pro surfer Nate Yeomans (AKA "Prostate Nate"), the Movember cause hits close to home.

Kevin Swain: We should talk about the tough shit

When I began to share my story, I began to heal from attempting suicide. I do Movember to tell that story.

Jon and Mark Hirsch: We battled prostate cancer together

Grandfather, father, and twin brothers all diagnosed with prostate cancer. The Hirsch men share their Movember story.

Rochelle Nicole: Breaking the stigma around depression

I do Movember because I want to break the stigma around mental health and depression. The more we open up about it, the closer we get.

Bubba Wallace: Activity is the Best Therapy

My message for men everywhere is: Challenge yourself. You’d be surprised what you’re capable of.

Manal Aboelata-Henry: I want my sons to live long, happy lives

Today's men and boys shouldn't have to lug around all of the social baggage that tells them they should stuff their feelings and bury them.

Andrew Perez: Showing my dad I'm here for him

On the day that Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died, I got a phone call from my dad telling me that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Bubba Nicholson: We need to break down the stigma and talk

One of my best friends and new rugby teammates was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but hadn’t talked to any of us about it.

Tom Windsor: Because we lose too many men too early

About 12 months after my Dad passed away from depression, a good friend contacted me to get a bunch of guys to grow Mo’s for Movember.