Legends of Lawndale: A Making Connections Project

Men’s mental health is in crisis as 3 out of 4 people who take their own life in the U.S. each year are men. The reasons behind this are many and complex, but how gender plays a role needs to be better understood if we are to reduce the terrible toll that suicide plays across our society.

The Movember innovation placing men at the heart of its design

We’re launching a new product to help men find their way through testicular cancer.

A chance to reflect on the path to progress

Our CEO, Owen Sharp, shares a moment of reflection this World Cancer Day.

TrueNTH: changing the future for men with prostate cancer

TrueNTH is a global collaboration of clinicians, researchers and patients aiming to improve the quality of life and outcomes for men with prostate cancer.

$5.4 Million Awarded to 2017 PCF Challenges

Today, the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) announced six new Challenge Awards funded in partnership with the Movember Foundation. Of the $6 million total awarded to researchers, $5.4 million came from the global 2016 Movember campaign. $4.7 million of that was raised by home-grown American Mo Bros and Sistas. $687,000 was raised by the 2016 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

Movember-funded test identifies those at raised risk of testicular cancer

Scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research in London, UK, have found that testing for large numbers of genetic changes can identify men with over a 10-fold increased risk of testicular cancer.

Movember funds promising new blood test for men with prostate cancer

A new blood test, funded in part by the Movember Foundation, could predict which men with advanced prostate cancer will respond to new targeted treatments for the disease.

Uplifting the Youth of Albuquerque, NM

The Making Connections Initiative is helping to transform the community and conditions that influence mental wellbeing.

Supporting Veterans Across the Nation

Movember is working with the Prevention Institute to bolster the wellbeing of veterans through the Making Connections initiative.

Growing Resilience Among Military Members

Resilience Grows Here finds creative ways to approach vast variety of experiences military members have had.

Building on Community Strengths

Making Connections partner, HopeHealth, is growing community partnerships and peer-to-peer outreach to nurture connections among men and boys in rural South Carolina

Bridging East and West

Making Connections funding recipient, United Women of East Africa, are engaging young men in San Diego to understand mental wellbeing challenges that refugees face