October 31st, 2015

Support Movember #OneMug at a time with Bucardo’s original moustache mug. 

Moustache Mug of Movember
Pencils. Dalis. Handlebars. Sam Elliotts. Every great Mo starts with a strong cup of coffee. 
Enter the Bucardo Mug, a handsome vessel with a one track mind: to protect your hard grown Mo. Bucardo, founded by long-time Mo Bros and a Mo Sista, is thrilled to support Movember as a cause-related associate for 2015. Bucardo is donating $2 from every mug sold to the Movember Foundation to help change the face of men’s health– and a full $5 from every mug sold off our website during the month of Movember.  Together, we believe we can make an impact, #OneMug at a time. 
Featuring a traditional ceramic moustache guard and original artwork by SoCal artist, Jeff McMillan, the Bucardo Mug is designed to protect your Mo from foam and drips as you drink your favorite hot or frothy beverage. We have introduced our Cowboy-themed Mug, the second in our series celebrating mustachioed gentlemen of the world, just in time for Movember 2015.
Back in the day, moustache mugs were a staple– as common as top hats and pocket watches– necessary to navigate a gentleman's day while maintaining his sharp appearance. At Bucardo, our aim is to celebrate the charm of this bygone era, and to add our own unique, modern twist to this practical and whimsical piece. We invite you to add the Bucardo Mug to your Movember arsenal of tools. Drink proud: whether at home or at the office, this mug, while keeping your mustache clean and dry, also makes a statement.  People will stop and take notice– this is your opportunity to start a conversation and to talk about Movember's work and mission.
To spread the word, we are running a Movember-themed Haiku Challenge, with Bucardo Mugs awarded to the winners. Our contest is open to everyone and selected Haikus will be shared on our website and social media (@bucardostyle). Send your submissions to haiku@bucardo.com. Unleash your inner poet and show us what you're made of.
Movember haiku.
Collect thoughts, count syllables.
Compose. Grow. One Mo.