March 30th, 2015

Movember 2014 was a global movement for change thanks to our community and the power of the moustache.

2014: What a Wonderful Mo
The Movember Foundation began in Australia over 11 years ago and never before has its impact been greater. Since our humble beginnings we’ve grown to over 5 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas across the globe and have raised over $600 million for men’s health. We’ve pioneered global collaboration by bringing together the best researchers and healthcare providers to work on tough issues in the areas of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. We have funded over 830 programs to address these critical health issues affecting men. Our success is made possible by of you and your support. Check out the 2014 highlights:


Every Mo Bro and Mo Sista is a star in our eyes - some just happen to have more social media followers than everyone at Mo HQ combined. In 2014 we had Mo Ambassadors from Academy Award winning actors, to animated characters, to your favorite TV personalities. These famous faces are just like us, growing and supporting the moustache to help change the face of men's health. We're all in good company.



The Movember moustache was grown by a number of professional athletes from the NHL, NBA, MLS, MLB and NFL.
  • 22 out of 30 NHL teams grew for men’s health– including 290 players, fans, coaches, and team staff members.
  • Blake Griffin, Wes Welker, Eric Decker, Eddie Lacy, and Sage Kotzenburg all lent their faces to the cause.
  • We were honored to be the charity of choice for MLS’s Soccer Kicks Cancer and NHL’s Hockey Fights Cancer.

Mo’s around the world

Often it’s the funds raised by a cause that are most remembered, but the awareness raised through the power of the moustache is equally as important to Movember. The growth of a new moustache prompts a conversation, which in turn generates awareness and educates people on the health issues men face. 
This year, we met the world’s oldest Mo Bro, Carl Falck in Norway, who is 107. He is the perfect example of what we aim to achieve - men living longer, happier and healthier lives. We also had Mo’s popping up on billboards and in taxi cabs around NYC, Mo’s in the grass in London, Mo’s on the water in Hong Kong and flying through the air in Ireland and Australia. 


Donations to Movember can be submitted year round, however, for reporting purposes we close the financial year on April 30, and at this point that we’ll know exactly how much was raised from the 2014 campaign. In May, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) audits our global financials and we determine the exact amounts to be directed towards programs. 

Until then, our team will be working closely with each of our men's health partners to ensure all funds go towards world-class programs. It goes without saying that we take this process extremely seriously; it’s not simply a matter of handing over the funds. If you’d like to review our past Annual Reports or Form 990s, please visit the Annual Reports page.


Keep up with the latest news from Movember relating to our Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, funded programs, and medical breakthroughs from our men’s health partners. We will also be updating our men’s health report cards on the different programs Movember is funding through our men’s health partners and through the Movember Foundation, notably our Global Action Plan (GAP).


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