November 28th, 2016

The month is coming to an end, but I'll still be making Moves for men's health. I don't care how you Move— only THAT you Move.

How I Move: Ben Zorn
Fitness Professional and former "Bachelorette" star Ben Zorn has been taking the Move challenge all Movember long, posting regular updates and even hosting community Move events. As the 30-day challenge of finding new and different Moves comes to a close, Ben is intent on making fitness a priority all year round.

I chose to get involved in Movember because I wanted to bring awareness to men’s health, which doesn’t get much attention during other months of the year. As a Fitness Professional, I fully understand what our health means to each and every one of us. We only get one shot at this thing we call life, and we only get one body that's going to take us through it. It is our job and our privilege to take care of it as best we can! 

Movember inspired me to make a difference because not everyone can grow a moustache but everybody can move! I chose to move differently every single day this month because I wanted people to get out there and move even if they’re scared or feel uncomfortable. I always say, “I don't care HOW you move, I care THAT you move”. Too often people see health as such a challenge, when in reality the biggest thing that’s stopping them from progressing is themselves. If you can find something that you enjoy, you are much more likely to do it. 

I feel very comfortable in the gym lifting weights so I wanted to change things up and step way out of my comfort zone by try some things I’ve never done. This month so far I have boxed, done Hot Pilates (and almost passed out), Line Danced, and even jumped in on a kids Hip Hop dance class (my personal fav). As uncomfortable as I felt waking in, I walked out every time with my head held high because I always learned something new, and if anything, at least made some people laugh in the process. Looking back on the month so far, I have gotten to meet so many amazing people and learn interesting new skills. Moving forward I will continue to do things that make me uncomfortable because that is the best way to grow and inspire change!

This month I started something I call my “No Excuses Hike”. This hike takes away two of the biggest excuses that most people have to not move: (1) they don't have anyone to go with and (2) they don't know what to do. If you want to be healthy and active, I don't want anything stopping you, so come out and join me on a hike and let’s get people moving!

Though the month is coming to a close, I'm going to keep pushing my body through new challenges and trying new and different activities all year round. No Mo Excuses.

Ben Zorn 
Founder of Zorn Fitness
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