Funded Programs


A cancer diagnosis is a life changing moment; it creates uncertainty and urgent questions, some of which a doctor, those around you or a researcher can't answer.  Diagnosis is just the first step in a man's cancer journey; finding resources, telling family, friends and work, deciding the best treatment option, going through treatment, rehabilitation, and returning to life beyond cancer make up just some of the steps.
A strategic priority at Movember is providing a range of services that support men living with prostate or testicular cancer and having the care needed to be physically and mentally well, today.  
“We want men faced with a cancer diagnosis to know they have our support, that they have the information and guidance they need to make the right treatment decision, they know what to expect and what to ask.  But it doesn’t stop there, we fund services to help each guy find their own way through their cancer journey — today in the middle of it and tomorrow beyond it.”  Adam Garone, CEO and co-founder
At Movember we have worked hard to identify the issues men face in order to comprehensively improve the quality of their life.  To ensure we are achieving this we have developed a set of indicators and result statements that we seek to achieve from our investment in living with cancer programs. 
Key indicators for men with prostate cancer include:
  1. Full recovery from urinary dysfunction
  2. Full recovery from bowel dysfunction
  3. Effectively managing pain, fatigue, nausea and other symptoms
  4. Satisfaction with the level of sexual function
  5. Not being depressed or anxious
Key indicators for men living with and beyond testicular cancer are currently under development.

Programs in Action

In the US, part of the funds raised are directed to programs run by our men’s health partner, the LIVESTRONG Foundation
LIVESTRONG Foundation – Fighting to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

In the US, Movember funds cancer navigation services through the LIVESTRONG Foundation to help men living with and beyond prostate and testicular cancer. Through this program, men have a single, national point of contact that allows them and their loved ones to access a variety of support services

LIVESTRONG Foundation cancer support services provide:
  • Free online and phone support services, staffed by trained, bilingual patient navigators and social workers to help men and their loved ones (877-889-6016)  
  • In-person patient navigators in Austin and Chicago
  • Match those affected with a peer who has been through a similar cancer experience
  • Connect men to the clinical trials in which they are eligible
  • Help for men to access fertility preservation services and the funds to help pay for them
  • Help for men to learn how to communicate with their children and loved ones about their diagnosis
  • One-on-one counseling services and access to support groups for those affected by the disease
  • Allow men and their loved ones to access answers to questions about treatment options, side effects, and medical information
  • In partnership with the Patient Advocate Foundation, provide a first-of-its-kind financial assistance program for patients who have radiation co-payments associated with the treatment of their prostate cancer. 
The Foundation’s cancer support services are available in English and Spanish, and can be accessed in-person in Austin, Texas, and Chicago and via telephone (877-889-6016), and online at

If you’d like to view a complete list of all the cancer support programs being funded by Movember please review the report cards.