The Moscars

Roll out the red carpet – it’s time to announce the Moscar winners. The Moscars are the annual video awards extravaganza celebrating Mo Bros and Mo Sistas’ creativity with a camera. The categories for the 2013 Moscars are:
2013 Campaign Theme: Gen Mo – Showcase your take on our 2013 campaign theme of Generation Moustache. Think growing for good times, rallying the troops, or rebels with a moustache – rock out or act it out.
Your Movember Journey – Tell your personal story of what Movember means to you. Combine the fun and the serious sides of the movement through music, comedy or drama.
2014 PSA/Television Commercial Contest - Create a 30 second public service announcement explaining what Movember is all about and inspire people to register. Winning videos will be featured next Movember. 
Each category will be awarded a first prize and a runner-up prize:

Gen Mo
First Place: Movember 2013: Bikers
Runner Up: Movember: Here's to the Crazy Ones

Your Movember Journey
First Place: The Mo Bro's Guide to Small Talk
Runner Up: MOPO 911 Movember Police

Public Service Announcement
First Place: What Makes a Legend?
Runner Up: 2013 Moscar Public Service Announcement

The director of the Gen Mo category will receive a prize pack with everything they need to keep taking it to the streets, including a Gen Mo Fast Times skateboard deck, a pair of Electric Sunglasses, a SIGG Mo Grower Bottle, a PKG Movember bag and a box of Sharpies for storyboarding their next feature film.
The producer of the best PSA /TVC will receive a luxury Mo pack with a Movember Collection Dopp Kit  filled with partner grooming products, including Kent Brushes Gen Mo shave brush and Penhaligon's aftershave,  and they will also get a PKG Movember Bag, a SIGG Mo Grower Bottle and a pair of Links of London Cufflinks.  
The Mo Bro or Sista with the winning Movember Journey video will be rewarded by being clothed from Mo to Toe with a pair of TOMS shoes, a Movember Collection tee, a Movember Collection Hat, Paul Smith Movember mittens, a Links of London bracelet to match their Mo, and finished off with a pair of Electric Sunglasses.
The runners up in each of category will receive a Movember Collection T-shirt, Hat and Dopp Kit.


To submit a Moscar your video must adhere to the rules below. Please have a read, as skipping just one rule may take your video out of the competition:
  • Videos in the 2013 Campaign Theme: Gen Mo and Movember Journey categories must be 4 minutes or shorter. Keep your feature films for the real deal, the Oscars.
  • The PSA/TVC videos must be 30 seconds.
  • Videos must be submitted under one of the categories - Gen Mo, Your Movember Journey or the PSA/TVC contest. Three prizes will be awarded for each category.
  • Videos must first be uploaded to YouTube and then submitted here. Videos may take up to 5 days for review and posting on
  • Videos must be received by December 2, 2013 to qualify for prizes.
  • You can submit up to 3 entries.
  • You must be at least 18 to participate.
  • Keep it clean - Movember is for all ages so keep the content appropriate. Lewd, violent, etc. material will not be accepted.
  • Keep it original – no stealing! If you alter or use unlicensed copyrighted materials (video, photos, music) the entry will not be accepted. Be sure you have permission to use everything in your video!
  • Keep it real – No faux Mo's on men! Mo Sistas, kids and pets can fake it in moderation.
  • Sharing is caring! Be sure to show off your hard work on Twitter and Facebook - use #Movember.
  • Should you need any help, contact us at We are here to help!
  • Stay tuned! Winners will be announced on December 13th, 2013.


  • The competition is open to all registered Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, except employees and related parties of Movember.
  • Winners will be determined by an expert panel of judges.
  • Judges will be looking for: originality, creativity, emotion (e.g. funny, shocking, touching), capturing the nature of Movember, cinematography, direction, best use of music.
Create your Moscar video, upload it to YouTube, then submit your entry through this page

Note: Entries must be received by December 2nd.
For more information contact us at

Moscars Prize

The Moscars

The Moscars

The Moscars is a video awards extravaganza celebrating Mo Bros and Mo Sistas’ creativity with a camera to find the best Movember video. Submit your entry here.

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