It’s said that a well maintained moustache is a symbol of the modern gentleman. A coat of arms on the face of the man who is always - infallibly and with honor - dedicated to the cause of chivalry, sound judgement and good grooming. Movember couldn’t agree more, and so this year, we are launching with a nod to the modern gent. 

Even after centuries of trying, becoming a modern gentleman is still something to which men aspire. Some argue that it can’t be taught, that the formula remains a mystery and attainment of its qualities are out of the hands of most. Today, the modern gentleman is rare, but they do exist- they are sometimes just hard to spot. This year, Movember is celebrating traditional qualities inherent to the modern gentleman and as such will be offering gentle guidance and wisdom on the subject throughout the month. So, for those wishing to rediscover the art of gentlemanly behavior for our age, will be the place to visit. 

At Movember, we believe that the moustache and the modern gentleman go hand in hand. In our minds, a man who sports a moustache knows what it means, and he knows the responsibility it holds. What’s more, he knows what it feels like to have that little something extra, that special touch for when life calls for it but mostly, a man who grows a Mo knows what it’s like to have his very own piece of luxury, something every man deserves. 

So, this Movember, why not grow your own piece of luxury? It’s our hope that 2010 will see a force of men stronger and more valiant than ever, stand side by side and united in their commitment to supporting men’s health, through the growth of a Mo.  
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