The Mo’s are growing, the Mo’s are showing, now its time to get the dough flowing. Did you know that the average Movember participant raises around $100? Here are some easy ways to get there:
  • Give some change to make some change. The best way to kick off fundraising is to donate to yourself. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who make a donation to themselves typically raise double the amount of those who don't.
  • Work it at work! Order a donation box, put it on your desk, and encourage colleagues to drop in some pocket change.  Ask colleagues to skip the morning coffee and donate the cash to you.
  • All in the family! Have you asked your parents, grandparents and other family members to donate yet? Your family will be proud of your passion for the Mo and enthusiasm to change the face of men’s health.
  • Get social! Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media to let your network of friends know you’re participating in Movember with a link to your Mo Space. (Hint: you can do this directly from your Mo Space page.)
  • Personalize Movember’s email templates and share your story for a compelling donation request.
  • Basic math. Ask 10 friends to donate $10, 5 friends for $20 or 20 friends for $5 – you will reach that $100 mark in no time.
  • Pimp yourself out. Offer to do one of the following, if you raise $100:
    • Dye your Mo
    • Groom it into a funny style
    • Allow a friend/co-worker/spouse/partner shave it off at the end of Movember
    • Auction off naming rights or style rights
  • Put your money where your mouth is. Let everyone know that, for every snide comment made about your moustache, a $1 (or $5) donation will graciously be accepted. Think about how much your partner or boss will have to give!
  • Pass out your personal Mo Space card to people who ask you about your moustache when you are out and about. Has your dry cleaner noticed your Mo, or your barista, maybe your dentist? Leave them with one of your Mo Space cards to inspire them to donate.
Reaching $100 has it’s own rewards! You will receive a free Gala Parté ticket ( and if you raise $200, you’ll get a free companion ticket. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas will have automatically been entered into a prize draw at the $50 mark, and Mo Sistas have their own prize draw when they raise $75.

Check out all of Movember’s prizes you could qualify for here.