You've generously donated your face for 30 days, now it's time to ask your friends, family, and colleagues to show their support by making a donation to you. Here are a few easy fundraising tips to get you started:
Chip in some of your own Moolah

Leading by example is what Mo Bros and Mo Sistas do.  Kick off the flow of dough with a donation to yourself - even $5 makes a difference when we have such a large Movember community. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who make a donation to themselves typically raise double the amount of those who don't. Get started by clicking DONATE then search for yourself to make a donation. After all, any cause worth fundraising for is worth donating to.
Make the ask
You've made a huge commitment to change the face of men's health for the 30 days of Movember; don’t be shy about sharing your commitment. You are raising awareness and funds for an important cause not often talked about, and your friends, family and colleagues will be honored to support your efforts.
Our super simple online tools – from the e-mail template to the Facebook and Twitter posts – make asking for donations a breeze. You can access these from your Mo Space page and, keep in mind, donors donate to a person, not just a cause. Share your story (and Mo progress photos) to personalize your ask. Think of fundraising as a conversation, not just a transaction.
Ask often
Everybody is busy, so sometimes it takes a few asks before people donate. Sending and posting Mo growth updates throughout the month is a great way to show your commitment and to ask for your friends support. Don’t assume someone doesn’t want to donate – they may be waiting for the right time, or simply have forgotten that your Mo is on a mission. It’s your job to let them know that changing the face of men’s health requires their support!
Size doesn’t matter
We all know that a wispy Ginger Mo can attract as much attention as a thick, luxurious Mo, and the same is true of donations. It’s not the size that matters! Imagine if every Mo added just $10 extra to the pot – that’s over $1.7 million in the US alone! Ask 10 friends for that same $10 and voila – $100, and you’ve qualified for some prizes!
Tried and True Knowledge for You
We’ve asked some of our top fundraising Mo’s to share their secrets with us…try them out and you just might surpass them in funds raised!
  • A photo of yourself, autographed and delivered to whomever donates $10 to your Mo
  • Sell naming rights to your moustache for $250
  • Offer to dye your Mo when you reach 25 donors or $500 in donations
  • Auction style rights to your Mo
  • Auction off rights to choose your costume for the Gala
Why donations are important
While friends and family will support you on your hairy journey, they may question how that lip sweater is changing the face of men’s health. Be sure to remind supporters that last year, of the funds raised in the US, only $0.10 of every dollar went to administrative costs. More details on where the money goes can be found here.

What are some of the ways you fundraise?  Share your knowledge in the comment below.